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7 Atlanta Pay Per Click PPC Strategies For Success

It can be relatively easy to get through one PPC campaign and have it be successful at first. But it’s something else entirely to make a campaign that keeps working. Here are a few tips to make your Atlanta PPC campaign a continuing success. 1) Utilize Social Media Websites Social media websites are some of the most useful tools for Internet entrepreneurs today. Attracting more traffic through a thriving social media presence can make a pay per click campaign that much more successful over...

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7 Important Steps In Choosing An Atlanta SEO

Everyone has their own thoughts about SEO and what company does this and who does that and which works. Choosing an Atlanta SEO company is a very important decision for any business and should not be taken lightly. You want and need to see results in a reasonable amount of time or you are simply wasting your money. There are some things you need to consider and a few tips to help you choose the right Atlanta SEO company. Keyword optimizationThe company you hire should be effectively able to a...

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PPC vs SEO For Roofing Contractors

For any business owner with a website, it is important to promote the website in order to bring in more traffic. The more traffic a website receives the better off it is going to be as more individuals are an increase in visitors generally bring about an increase in sales. In order to do this though, a website administrator needs to look into different methods for performing such a task. Two such options include PPC, short for pay per click, and seo, short for search engine optimization. Each ...

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Google Update Panda 4.0 SEO Strategy 2014

Google announced the roll out of Panda 4.0, even though they claim it is supposed to be a gentler change for most sites and SEO users it will have to be watched and measured over the next few weeks to see if and where and who are hit by the changes.  For those of you who are not SEO literate, Panda is Google's algorithm that is used to index pages and rankings in search engine placements. It is why you see the pages listed that you see when you complete a Google Search. It is all behind the ...

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Google Polls Searchers To Fight Spam

The other day when we were checking client rankings on the Google search engine, we noticed something new that was never there before. Google is taking another step towards fighting spam by polling people on the search engine results page (SERPs). This is shown in the image to the left. The Google web spam team wants to know if the results that were found are good or bad. Gauging Google With millions of people using Google everyday, this is a good way to gauge what results are spammy and in ...

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Develop An Amazing Landing Page Design For PPC Pay Per Click Conversion

When it comes to creating the perfect landing page, you want to optimize the amount of space you have for different bits of information. This landing page is often going to detail your business or service, provide content about yourself and where people can find the business. Pay per click PPC advertisements will bring in revenue from this landing page. Knowing how to put information together in the best way possible is going to ensure you receive the best turn around on visitors and potential...

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