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5 Helpful Hints In Atlanta Web Design For Business Owners

A business website serves as the image of a business, which is why business owners are tasked to wear many hats to ensure that they drive traffic and increase conversion rates on their sites. However, Google and other search engines have tightened their rules, making it difficult for most business websites to appear on the front pages of search engine rankings. Many reasons why your business website is not appearing on the top pages have to do with the structure of the site and tight rules tha...

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Is Your Instagram Down Service Not Working? Saturday April 12, 2014

On Saturday afternoon April 12, 2014 Instagram stopped working around 12 p.m. Instagram has responded saying they are aware of the problem and are working on feed issues at this time.Millions of people use instagram everyday to post pictures to the mobile social network. Now ranking as one of the top social networks in the world. Instagram was purchased by social media giant facebook for $1 billion on April 9, 2012. Now businesses are looking to capitalize on the popularity of instagram to sh...

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How To Do Social Media Marketing Right 5 Helpful Hints

Effective social media marketing is one of the best tools that any business can have, but many small business owners are at somewhat of a loss as to how to develop and maintain a social media marketing strategy. Following are several ways to help you get started in your quest to make social media work for you. 1. One of the first things that many prospective customers do when considering doing patronizing a business is to conduct an online search. A good social media page will reassure potent...

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Atlanta Business Radio X Features HopInTop A Leader In Atlanta Marketing

Business Radio X, a network dedicated to introducing innovative entrepreneurs and successful business leaders interviewed HopInTop’s CEO, Chad Adam and Marketing Specialist, Benjamin Walle last week as they spoke about the ever-changing technology and competition in the internet marketing industry. HopInTop was featured on two of their radio shows, ‘Midtown Business Radio’ and ‘Atlanta Technology Leaders’. Business Radio X features business professionals interviewing their peers, del...

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Increase Website Traffic With Google Search Trends

Google has a significant hold on how businesses and individuals structure their online digital marketing strategies. One of the most useful tools from their platform is Google Trends, which helps provide analytical information to tailor your content and delivery of services to desired users. It is a very effective method that will assist in increasing your website traffic, customer base and online engagement. What are the benefits of Google Trends and how can it help? Here are a few ways: ...

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Steps To Search For Google Search Trends

Google does wish to see those who employ a legitimate, honest search engine optimization strategy succeed. In order to do so, the website publisher does have to perform research into determining what exactly works in the current SEO landscape. As a way of offering support to those looking for insight, Google has designed a tool called Google Trends. This tool can definitely help those wishing to learn about search trend behaviors that can positively impact a SEO campaign.The steps to search fo...

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