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Facebook Marketing Strategies For Halloween

With the Halloween holiday fast approaching, it is necessary to take advantage of this festive time with your Facebook marketing strategies. This will draw more attention to the products and services you want to sell. Everyone is going to be looking for Halloween themed items, hayrides, haunted houses, etc... This article will be useful for marketing any type of product or service on Facebook. When using Facebook and other forms of social media for your marketing, you already have a dire...

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7 Duplicate Content Issues Ruining Your Website Rankings : Duplicate Content Removal SEO Checklist

Yes it’s true, the odds are that your website has duplicate content. Most website owners don’t even realize this and it is a big problem for ranking on the first page of Google. The reason is because Google does not like duplicate content or even very similar closely related content for that matter. The search engine does not know what page to rank, because the pages are too similar. Below are the 7 most common items of duplicate content issues that should be fixed in order to receive the...

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How The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Became A Viral Success

With all the harmful challenges going around the internet, some social media marketing genius decided to make a non-harmful challenge. And it worked. Not only did it work, but it also promoted a great cause. "Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease," is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.: According to Below are the reasons why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge became such a huge succes...

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Which Internet Marketing Services Best Fits Your Business Model?

Online marketing can deliver great returns on investments for those who look to tap into the always growing market of online consumers. Any business should explore both local and national sales opportunities through strong internet promotions. Of course, in order to achieve really great results, working with a top internet marketing services company can help immensely. might be among the best of the best companies to work with thanks to all the many different services it provide...

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7 Pay Per Click PPC Strategies For Success

It can be relatively easy to get through one PPC campaign and have it be successful at first. But it’s something else entirely to make a campaign that keeps working. Here are a few tips to make your Atlanta PPC campaign a continuing success. 1) Utilize Social Media Websites Social media websites are some of the most useful tools for Internet entrepreneurs today. Attracting more traffic through a thriving social media presence can make a pay per click campaign that much more successful over...

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7 Important Steps In Choosing An Atlanta SEO

Everyone has their own thoughts about SEO and what company does this and who does that and which works. Choosing an Atlanta SEO company is a very important decision for any business and should not be taken lightly. You want and need to see results in a reasonable amount of time or you are simply wasting your money. There are some things you need to consider and a few tips to help you choose the right Atlanta SEO company. Keyword optimizationThe company you hire should be effectively able to a...

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