You may be a business owner looking to grow your business.You have already seen that there are limits to grow your business through offline marketing campaigns like newspapers,  radio ads,  flyers,  magazines,  tv ads etc.But with online marketing campaigns,  you can reach a bigger target audience.
Before buying a product or service,  more than 90% of people start it with an online search.With the increasing mobile phone usage,  more and more people are using the internet to search for products and services they need.So it is critical that your business is visible on search engines to this potential customers.
You may know SEO is used to make your business visible in search engines.As a business owner,  you must know about two categories of SEO-local SEO and national SEO.
Local SEO is specific to a location and service. For example,  let’s say someone search the term “chiropractor in new york”.That is a local search. Search engines goal is to provide relevant results related to the search terms. With this search term,  search engines will return results specific to that location and service.

What is National SEO and does your business need it?

In the above example what if the search term is related to a service or product that is spread nationally.For example “best Italian restaurant in the US”.In this case,  search engines will be providing results of Italian restaurants spread nationally.
National SEO is best for brands or businesses which have an online presence or one that is not entirely focused on a specific geographic region.
If you have a business that is spread across nationally or you are providing an online service which has a potential audience spread nationally then you need national SEO.This kind of SEO will be targeting broad keywords to rank,  unlike local SEO where specific geographical and service related keywords are used.

How can national SEO help your business?

This kind of SEO will help your business to have national reach.It will make the business visible in search engines nationally when the target audience looks for products and services.
It also helps to increase your customer base by targeting national keywords which attract a bigger audience.Attracting bigger audience will provide more targeted leads for your business.Which improves your sales and profitability.

How soon will you get results using national SEO?

Although national SEO has so many advantages listed above.It is not easy like a walk in the park.
Since it targets broad keywords and bigger audience it also has bigger competition.You will be competing with national businesses and brands.It is more expensive and it is a long-term approach which takes time to see results.
It is important to optimize your site for keywords that are high volume but has low competition and also target unique keywords which are not used by the competition.Also,  high-quality relevant content must be published consistently.
Using a hybrid approach-local SEO with national is good.Local SEO helps get visibility in short-term.
As there is less competition locally,  more people will see your site,  visit it and stay on it.This will increase site authority,  which helps in ranking for national keywords eventually.
Although national SEO is not easy,  with a good partner who is competent in it,  you can get great results.
With search engines,  time is a key factor.The ranking authority of a website is developed through time and great content.By delaying the SEO process you are delaying the authority gaining process of your site and thereby the growth of your business.
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