Instagram Marketing Video Campaigns

Instagram has become so much more than a simple social media platform for image sharing. People have found ways to monetize their accounts and others have discovered the true marketing potential that can be obtained with a large following. The results of Instagram marketing video campaigns simply work better than regular ads on other social media campaigns.

Why Does Instagram Offer Better Results?

Unlike a regular marketing campaign that focuses on buying ad space,  instagram marketing video campaigns have much better engagement because for the followers,  they seems less like a promotional video and more of a recommendation of a great product or service. The engagement with the audience is also vastly superior when compared to a simple ad. On other social media platforms,  advertisements show somewhere in a corner and are clearly marked as ads. For Instagram,  things are quite different. A video campaign will look like a regular post meaning it will offer the same engagement as a regular post and will be less invasive.
The way an instagram marketing video campaigns is quite straight forward. Basically it connects an advertiser with users that have a large following. These users will post promotional videos that will trigger better engagement and better results if things are done correctly. An important aspect is to match the right type of product or service with the right Instagram user to make the promotional video. What this means is that someone that is into tech and posts a lot of tech related videos will not offer great results if they promote clothing for example. Each Instagram account is popular amongst its followers because it focuses only on a particular niche. This means that not any account that has a good amount of followers will offer good results. Some campaigns might not even offer any results at all if not done properly.
Usually,  large brands have their own marketing department to handle their interaction with Instagram users that have a good amount of followers. Smaller businesses do not have the luxury of having a dedicated team for their marketing needs. What will end up happening is working with a SEO company to handle marketing for them. This will result in lower costs and higher efficiency campaigns. All the details regarding the video promotions are handled by people with experience in order to maximize the efficiency of a campaign.

Ready To Grow Your Business?

A lot of people will be tempted to run a campaign on their own. It is true that the campaign itself will be a bit cheaper but the results are not as good as when the campaign is handled by someone who is familiar with the industry and has experience with Instagram marketing video campaigns. In the end it will actually cost more to do it without professional help. Getting assistance from a company that is specialized in marketing offers better control,  improved results and has access to high profile Instagram users that have very large numbers of followers. They will also ensure that the right type of audience will be engaged and every single dollar is well spent.