Website Hosting

Websites are now considered less of a trend,  and more of a necessity,  to take your business to the next level. Smart businesses use their blogs and websites to reach potential,  while engaging existing,  customers. Most of them focus on domain name and creating good content,  often overlooking one of the most important component in a successful online business venture; a good web hosting service.

What is a web hosting service?

Web hosting is a service provided by a web host that allows one to post content in form of websites and web pages on to the internet. A web host provides the necessary services and technologies for the website to be accessible. Once hosted on their servers,  one only needs to type the domain or address,  and the webpages are delivered via the browser. Web hosting plays too great a role in the success or failure of your online business that there should be no provision for error. The web host and the type of hosting you choose to work with are of utmost importance. The difference between a good and a bad web host provider are enumerated below.

Problems solved by a good web host

  1. Down time. Every second that your website is not active could mean losing a prospective customer. It could also earn you a poor reputation,  making your business seem unreliable.
  2. Fast services. Nothing is as valuable as a potential customer’s time,  and a good host ensures that it is not wasted. Bad web hosting usually results in slow web pages. Slow speed is a big turn-off for customers who may end up looking for the services elsewhere.
  3. Search engine rankings. Search engines penalize down time. Choosing a bad web host will lead to more down time,  reducing your ranking each time.
  4. Loss of files. Nothing would set a business back than when a web host decides to pack up and leave. It would take a lot of time and effort to recover the lost files.

A good,  reputable host is the only way you can ensure your business does not suffer unnecessary losses.

Picking a good web host

Making a choice on the best web host has never been harder. For you to make the wisest option to suit your needs,  below are some essential features to look for in a web hosting service.

  1. Storage. The storage that the company provides should be at par with your requirements. Some hosts provide unlimited storage,  while others offer limited.
  2. Templates. To make things easier,  it is best that you pick a web host that provide templates and web builders in their hosting plan.
  3. Backup. There is no assurance that the server won’t ever go down,  losing your files. If they ever do,  the good web host that you chose will save your day.
  4. Customer service. A round-the-clock technical assistance is crucial. There is no telling when you might need assistance with your website hosting and only they could solve it.

Often disregarded but of chief importance,  web hosting is essential to the success of an online venture as much as good content is. Make the right decision right now for the best service that could last you a lifetime!