SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization,  or SEO is essential to running an online business or brand. SEO is the process of assimilating traffic from organic sources,  and is used to drive traffic from places such as Google,  Bing, 
and Yahoo. To be able to drive traffic through places such as Google,  Bing,  and Yahoo,  you have to know your target audience,  and you have to understand the inner workings of SEO to be able to reach them.
With your website SEO optimized,  it will show up higher on search results, resulting in it being seen by more organic traffic.

What is SEO composed of?

There are a few different aspects to SEO, from the writing you have on your site, to the outbound and inbound links. Having a proper and effective SEO can be as simple as structuring a page in a way that the search
engines can properly read.

What are the benefits of SEO?

SEO is a very nice two for one deal. You get the practical optimization for search engines, while at the same time it helps structure your site properly for readers. When you begin to optimize your website for search
engines, you will notice that your traffic will gradually, but noticeably increase. This is because search engines are rewarding you for your structure by posting you on the top of their results pages.
SEO traffic pulled off of the web is more likely to convert into real customers. Because this traffic is searching directly for what you are selling, then they are much more likely to convert. Many small businesses
and brands convert normal web traffic into real hard sales, increasing their numbers tenfold.
Google, the most popular search engine with an impressive 65% of the market, is free advertising. By having your website search engine optimized, there is a good chance that you will appear at the top spot of a
search page. This means that you will be receiving free advertising, all day, every day.
Something that surprises many businesses, is that SEO is much more effective than standard PPC (pay per click) advertisements. Many don’t expect this, but organic normal SEO listings get an impressive 90% click
rate. By spending your resources on SEO, you are more likely to break even than with traditional PPC advertisements.

Why do I need SEO?

Search engines are very intelligent pieces of artificial intelligence, but because the surface web has over 1 billion websites, it simply cannot optimize itself for improved results of all these different sites. Of course, search engines change over time to help improve search results. Having your website search engine optimized, you will be able to net a large portion more than if you were hiding on the second or third page of the third
results. By having proper search engine optimization, you have the ability to reach your target audience before your competitors, which is crucial.
Many worry that seo is a difficult process. It may take time and dedication, but if a website is consistently scoring well in search engines then an increase in site traffic is imminent. If you are wanting to increase organic traffic, increase your conversion rates, and increase sales, then you must have your website search engine optimized.