Instagram Marketing Engagement Campaigns

Instagram is one of the most used apps in the social media sector if you compare amongst Facebook,  Twitter,  Snapchat,  and others. The app got it’s business feature quite late if compared to others. Their business feature is a hit and some hacks to make it on Instagram and gaining popularity for creating Instagram marketing engagement campaigns

  • CTA – Call-to-action is one of the newly introduced button where businesses could put down their contact medium like the mail Id or a contact number and the customers visiting their profiles could reach out to them via the button feature.
  • Insights – Instagram provides these list of things on every post like the reach that the post had,  the number of people who saved the post and so on. This helps to understand how many people saw the post and actually liked it or commented. This helps business see what time their audience is most active so that the business can plan and post accordingly.
  • Cross Promoting – The feature of posting the post on other social media platforms like Facebook,  Twitter,  and the others would lure the audience to go visit your profile from the social media platform wall to the Instagram profile of the company. -Interacting with the audience
  • Asking questions along with the post and reading replies for the same and replying to them can increase a lot of engagement on the profile and the audience may start noticing and it is always said,  the more the merrier. This will help in appearing to a lot of audiences explore section and thus gaining followers.
  • Use trending and interactive hashtags – Hashtags are the main dig at instagram marketing engagement campaigns and make it easier to find anything and everything. These help in business get a lot of exposure to all the others using the same hashtags or at least the near about ones. The hashtag business works and the more people use,  the more famous the business may get. It is the form of word-of-mouth of Instagram.
  • Post all the time – Not quite literally but at least once a day to get engagement and the audience to know that the business is still in action. Stories are a great way to interact and make conversation. The new Poll feature is a rockstar and that makes it easier for the business to give options and the audience to select them. It is a great way to make it more lively.
  • Find the calling – Totally meant Community! Once the business enters instagram marketing engagement campaigns,  it will find the same of it’s kind and the people who love it. The first step is to start connecting with top rated influencers so that the business gets a shoutout from them and get publicity. Collaborate with business around you and organize events like giveaways and stuff like that to get more visitors on the profile. Just follows these little steps and the business will be good and in a networking,  shape to run and on the way of making it to the top.