Social Media Marketing Video Campaigns

It’s 2018, and everyone is on social media – your family, your friends, your co-workers. They’ve all got a Facebook page, or a Twitter account, or an Instagram where they share their lives with people, post about topic relevant to their lives, and even make product recommendations to the people they know and care about. The truth is that professional advertisers don’t have to rely on expensive campaigns and focus groups to get their products in front of the people who would buy them anymore. The power of exposure for your brand now falls into the hands of the average consumer, and the best way to engage with an audience are social media marketing video campaigns.
Social media marketing video campaigns are just what they sound like they’d be – marketing campaigns that utilize the power of online video to put a product or service in front of the eyes of consumers most likely to use purchase/use it. One great service that does this efficiently and affordably is HopInTop, They know how to catapult your website or service or product to the top of lists when someone searches for and on social media.
Let’s say that you sell workout gear called “SnazzySpanx” (I’m not sure this is a real product or not, but it’s just for an example). What are some phrases or words that a potential customer might search for to find your product online? “Workout gear?” “Clothing?” “Gym Clothes?” It’s hard to come up with usable answers, isn’t it?
Services like HopInTop utilizes SEO to boost you and/or your company to the top. One of the biggest ways they do this are, as mentioned, social media marketing video campaigns.
Social media marketing video campaigns, like those available through HopInTop, target individuals on social media and surfing the internet with interests and demographics relevant to the products and services you’re offering… BUT with the power of video.
Video has a way of captivating an audience’s attention and delivering information that something like a short block of text or even a flashy image will not do. Honestly, though, it’s hard to create content by itself, but it’s even more difficult to get that video/commercial/ad in front of the right people. HopInTop, who are experts at social media marketing video campaigns, can craft a campaign suited specifically for your needs and really propel your content to the screens of people not only from all around the world, but people who would purchase your product.
It’s been proven time an time again that social media marketing video campaigns are the most efficient and eye-catching way to get your content seen before a massive audience So if you’re not using social media marketing video campaigns in 2018 to boost your product or service, you’re missing out!