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About the Brand


Help U Remodel is an innovative platform that connects contractors with homeowners who are looking to renovate or remodel their homes. The service provides a convenient remodeling experience for consumers while providing revenue growth opportunity to contractors.


Whenever you create a new website, you need to market it to gain traction in search engine rankings. That's the only way to attract potential customers. HopInTop used its years of experience to give Help U Remodel a fighting chance - in fact so much more than that.

Making Help U Remodel Search Engines’ Favorite

The results we have achieved with Help U Remodel have been nothing short of amazing. With HopInTop’s strategy, we manage to pull the brand out of the hole to put it right in front of the internet world in Google’s and other search engines’ rankings. This accomplished earned the brand’s website enhanced digital visibility resulting in increased targeted web traffic and revenues.

Overall Results

HopInTop team’s SEO strategy and effective implementation saw a marked improvement in performance of 5 crucial targeted keywords including find a contractor Pasadena ca, find contractor for home repairs Pasadena ca, find general contractor Pasadena and more. 4 out of 5 keywords achieved top 10 ranking in Google search while on Bing and Yahoo, the performance was exceptional as all keywords appeared in top 5 rankings.

This improvement in brand website’s ranking for important keywords resulted in increased traffic and revenue for Help U Remodel.


One of the biggest challenges that Help U Remodel was facing was lack of targeted traffic. The number of visitors on the website was already too low and even those visiting weren't the ones looking or considering to get their homes remodeled.

This is why Help U Remodel's marketers contacted HopInTop with the objective to generate targeted traffic that can be converted. Being a startup, Help U Remodel didn't have a lot of money to burn on their digital marketing so we had a tough job on our hands - to come up with an inexpensive marketing strategy within the financial budget that proves to be effective in the long run. The only way to achieve that was to make Help U Remodel's website matter in the eyes of the search engines. How did HopInTop do? Let's see.


With the above challenges and a restricted budget, Help U Remodel approached HopInTop’s experienced team looking to advance their brand’s online visibility through improvement in search engine rankings.

At HopInTop, we took the challenge and without wasting any time our experienced SEO expert team studied the business and its competition to devise a comprehensive SEO plan that would prove to be effective in improving Help U Remodel’s digital presence manifested in the form of improved search engine rankings.

  • Identifying keywords and competition analysis
  • Monitoring analytics and reporting
  • Tracking keyword progress across major search engines