Facebook Marketing Posts Campaigns

Facebook has started making it increasingly difficult for companies to reach their audiences. In the early days,  Facebook users would see many more posts in their feed that came from pages of companies that they followed. Things have changed due to several reasons and Facebook marketing posts campaigns behave differently.

The Good Old Days…

Just a couple of years ago,  the Facebook page of a company would have its posts viewed by around 5% of its followers. That is a reasonable number especially for successful pages. The number now went down to about 1% which is quite low. For example,  a company that has about 100.000 page followers would have its posts seen by about 1000 people. It still sounds alright but a smaller brand that has just 1000 followers will have their message seen by just 10 Facebook users.
This change in numbers means that Facebook was a much more attractive marketing tool just a couple of years ago. It was also much more welcoming to new businesses and it could be used to build a brand without spending too much money on boosted posts.

Why The Sudden Change?

Some might argue that this change in numbers was meant to make Facebook more money from Facebook marketing posts campaigns. While this seems plausible,  things are actually a bit different in reality. Facebook has been the most attractive marketing tool for many years. It was and still is quite effective,  not that expensive and very easy to use. Anyone can advertise if they have a credit card or bank account and can spare a couple of minutes to setup a post and boost it.
Also,  regular posts that were not boosted started cluttering the user feeds. As more people jumped onto the platform to promote their business,  regular Facebook users started to be suffocated by posts from the pages they follow. Facebook wants to remain a social media platform above anything else which is why regular posts now get less views.

The Solution

Facebook is still a very powerful marketing tool that connects businesses directly with their customers. It is now just a bit more expensive to create a buzz on this popular social media platform. It can also cause some to lose money if their Facebook marketing posts campaigns are not properly executed. To get things right,  someone needs to look at demographic data such as age groups,  genders as well as geographic location,  interests,  shopping habits and several other key pieces of information. All this data can be used to target a campaign in such a way that it reaches only people that might genuinely be interested in what a brand represents or what it is trying to sell. Fortunately,  Facebook does a very good job at providing all this data so that a campaign can be tweaked to offer the best results possible.
On the other hand running Facebook marketing posts campaigns can also translate into piles of cash that are thrown down the drain. Just a simple mistake can make an ad reach the wrong people. Also,  someone without much experience can get things wrong altogether and get absolutely zero results. Having a campaign managed by a team of professionals that do this for a living may imply a higher initial investment but it also translates into better engagement and more sales. Facebook marketing posts campaigns are not about spending money of paid promotions. They are about spending money wisely and having good understanding of how the platform works.