PPC Pay Per Click Case Study

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Auto dealerships are a competitive business where it has become increasingly necessary for automotive business owners to promote their digital presence and brand awareness. HopInTop provides auto dealerships with the digital marketing solutions they are looking for.


The best way to sell a car is to be in front of the eye balls of potential customers when they need them. Your auto dealership can have the best deals in the region but if people aren't aware of your existence, you aren't going to attract any business.

That is where HopInTop’s Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns strategically designed to target potential customers effectively help auto dealers to put their brand and deals in front of people who are looking to buy cars. You don’t just generate a lead, you create brand awareness as well.


Average Campaign Duration: 4-12 weeks

HopInTop’s ad campaign for Google AdWords boosted auto dealer clients’ leads up to 500 leads per month with lowest cost per lead at $11 and average cost per lead at an excellent $26.

Our Facebook performance was even better we pulled in 900 leads for our automotive dealers at an average cost of $15 where lowest cost per lead was just $4. Imagine being able to sell a car making great margin for just $4!

For Adroll, the lowest cost per lead was $17 and average hovered around the figure of $23 per lead and we were able to acquire 100 leads per month along with consistent branding for each dealership location.

By implementing personalized ads specifically for the target contact we see incredible performance using these highly personalized ads — click-through rates that are over 1.8 times better and cost-per-click that are nearly 30 percent more efficient. With retargeting and remarketing we are able to use the most powerful digital marketing platform to boost the sales of our Car Dealership clients through performance, usability, and openness. Let us do the same for your business.


The biggest challenge in planning a PPC campaign for automotive dealers is online competition within the industry that can drive per click or per impression advertising costs too high to keep your campaign within confines of financial feasibility.

Another challenge is accuracy of targeting. Many times PPC campaigns burn a lot of money showing ads to people who have little to no interest in buying a car. That doesn’t only result in waste of financial resources but during the time you are failing to target potential customers in your region, your competitors are getting the business and strengthening their brand.

So, any social media or search engine ad campaign design has to have pinpoint accuracy along with meticulous planning to ensure per click cost stays at minimum. And that’s the challenge which HopInTop tackled.


With strategical matching of buyers with the sellers, HopInTop has been able to connect you with people who want to buy cars. We use Facebook’s in-market signals research and audience insights along with mapping your range of vehicles against key customer life stages. To improve conversion, we use retargeted follow-up messaging with people who engaged with our ads. Once a customer demonstrates in-market behavior, lead ads are used to make it easy for them to buy.

Apart from that, HopInTop utilizes 3 easily-accessed advanced features of Adroll that greatly improves campaign performance giving more business to our clients.

Services Provided

In order to achieve these stellar results, HopInTop carried out the following:

  • Strategizing and planning ad campaigns for multiple platforms including Facebook, Google AdWords, and Adroll
  • Developing highly targeted approach to ensure ads are served to potential customers
  • Re-engaging prospective customers within their own News Feed on Facebook.
  • Targeting prospects with ads tailored to the relevant products that they view on your site to help increase engagement
  • Understand any individual Car Dealership client’s website and the different levels of intent a prospect can exhibit based on the pages they view – low funnel vs. high funnel.