Youtube SEO

The internet just never gets tired of watching videos and where else to find online videos than the biggest and most popular platforms: YouTube. Only second to Google in search engines, YouTube is a massive content and
traffic hub.
Because of its popularity as a global online video platform, it has slowly turned into a goldmine particularly for online marketers and business owners fishing’
targeted users. If you are yet to incorporate your business activities on this
leading platform, it is high time you took it upon yourself.
Nonetheless, just like with typical search engines such as Google, to fully benefit from its opportunities, it is essential you optimize it for your video material to rank.

How do you do this? YouTube SEO.  What is YouTube SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the continually evolving practice of creating web content that ranks highly in search engine results pages (search engine result pages). Search is your content’s gate-keeper,  and as such,  it is essential to optimize your sites for search to not only attract traffic but also build a following.
YouTube SEO revolves merely around optimizing your playlists,  channel, description,  metadata,  and of course the videos on YouTube. Optimizing of videos can be done both outsides and within YouTube.

How it works:

With Google as the YouTube owner,  the platform has gradually become a video search powerhouse. Since they share data seamlessly,  by using YouTube to upload your videos,  Google immediately indexes your content.
Nonetheless,  even with the process now easier,  for your videos to enjoy success,  you need to apply the necessary traditional SEO’ rules. You need to properly optimize your content so that search engines get the essential indicators to not only find,  but also index your videos.
Videos cannot just go viral without Google understanding what they are about. And since it is impossible for search engine bots to watch videos,  they are dependent on
accompanying text data for proper indexing.

How to harness the power of YouTube SEO:

Use Keyword optimized Description,  Tags and Titles: Your keyword phrases ought to relate with that which accurately defines your video and phrases and words often used by users to access content similar to yours.
Use Closed Captions: Closed captions are particularly essential since they facilitate easy access by hard hearing,  deaf and ESL users or audience with soundless devices. Google is known to reward such content-with universal design or that improves the user experience.
Use Compelling Thumbnails: Selecting the most appropriate thumbnail image makes all the difference in typical click-through rates. Lucky for you,  YouTube allows you to select your preferred video thumbnail.

Youtube SEO and Your Business

While making videos may not appeal to everyone,  its accompanying benefits are just remarkable. For businesses,  in particular,  the advantages are numerous and include:

  • Search Engine Rankings
    Video explanations are better understood compared to standard articles,  and since Google is aware of this,  it means that well-optimized videos may prominently rank well on Google. And since Google now owns YouTube,  YouTube video results appear on organic Google search results. This subsequently attracts more traffic to your business and helps you amplify your brand.
  • The diversity of clients: 
    We all consume information contrarily and as such,  offering video illustrations,  audio,  and text all in a single presentation will serve varied consumer learning styles.
  • Loyal Audience:
    There are about one billion global visitors to YouTube each month. As such,  there is a considerable chance you can grow your audience who subscribe to your channel. However,  this is if you are a reliable source of solutions and useful information.

It is no brainer that SEO plays a significant part in the overall online growth of your business primarily by bringing direct traffic to your website. Videos are a massive
trend in recent times and with YouTube gradually gaining popularity,  individuals are slowly warming up to video marketing. And what better way to exploit this trend than by relying on the most popular video platform,  YouTube. Google values videos as vital. As such,  by producing quality content,  you can direct links to your business site and boost the significance of your brand. By understanding and using YouTube SEO,  you can further amplify your results and traffic and of course your success!