Facebook Marketing Lead Generation Campaigns

Facebook Marketing Lead Generation Campaigns are Powerful
It is more powerful than any other marketing tactics. Facebook marketing lead generation campaigns are top of the charts. Facebook,  the social network is one of the biggest company in the world. There are over 1.7 billion monthly active users in this one clump of a network. It is needless to say that Facebook,  is one of the best ways of marketing your products or service. In this article,  we are going to show you why Facebook lead generation campaigns are powerful.
But first,  what is Facebook marketing lead generation campaigns?

Facebook Marketing

We basically know that marketing is the process of creating,  communicating,  and delivering value for customers. While Facebook is a platform.

Lead Generation Campaigns

There are different types of ads that we see on Facebook. One type is lead ads. Lead ads allow you to make lead generation campaigns.
Lead ads are ads that let you capture customers data. For any business,  capturing data is one of the most important ways to grow. The prospective customers put out their names,  email or any type of information when ads are clicked. There are many ways to use lead ads. Such as capture email,  request contact information,  collect sign-ups for price estimates,  business information,  and follow up calls.

Why is powerful?

Lead ads allow us to capture emails. Emails,  for online marketers,  is a valuable asset for their company. Email is what makes Facebook marketing lead generation campaigns powerful.
First and foremost,  Facebook is a neat platform. It lets you target a specific range of audience. In result,  you are not wasting money on any cold audience. Second,  they own Instagram,  which is the most profitable social network for “Influencers” and specific types of businesses. If you advertise on Facebook,  you can configure your ads to show up on Instagram as well.

Then why email?

There are many reasons why you should capture emails. One of the reason is email has a large reach. According to a research (link: http://bit.ly/1l2gJ2z),  email’s user base is 3 times larger than Facebook and Twitter.
Email is more personal. The way people treat their inboxes is special. If you have ever noticed,  you yourself sometimes don’t want any unread messages in your email. Also,  email has the highest conversions compared to any other channels. It has the highest click-through rate. Which measures at around 3 percent.

Email is also highly measurable and testable.

In a study,  almost 72 percent of people preferred to receive promotions on email rather than social media or ads (Link: http://bit.ly/2GIW7df). Since email is believed to be more professional. People are open to promotions in emails.
But what makes email more powerful is it will not go anywhere. Once you have captured an email,  it is yours. It is not controlled by anybody or any platforms. Platforms come and go,  but emails don’t. It is an investment.
The combination of Facebook lead ads and email marketing is powerful. Facebook marketing lead generation campaigns cannot be overlooked. We must use it to its full potential. And to use it we must have a strategy. We need help.
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If you have a business,  one way to succeed is to be powerful. Powerful in terms of marketing. Who knows? This might get your business to skyrocket.