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Growing your sales through Google Maps marketing
Did you know that Google Maps isn’t only for finding our way around while driving? Yes,  Google Maps can help you do so much more. This includes even marketing your business and growing your earnings.
How can Google Maps help you market your business? You may ask. Well,  simply put,  Google Maps can help you position your business strategically. This in turn helps you get rank higher on search engines.
If you’ve been keen on how search engines rank their search results,  you’ll notice that they list websites links as well as a location map. This is especially true for searches involving locations. Examples of these include searches such as ‘takeaway restaurants near me’ and ‘orthopedics in Malibu’ among others.
When an internet user conducts searches involving locations,  search engine results pages list results which are close to them as possible. Search engines are able to work out a user’s geographical location. For this,  their topmost listed results are usually those of nearby businesses. You should therefore ensure that your business also features prominently among similar businesses in your local area.
There are ways to ensure that your business’ physical location is clearly visible to search engines. One way of doing this is by ensuring your business is on Google Maps. You can get your business on Google Maps through the Google My Business tool.
Google My Business lets you fill in various information about your business. Such info include details like name of business,  physical address,  opening and closing hours,  and customer ratings among others. With such information available,  your business will claim a listing and positioning on Google Maps. It will then be shown alongside other similar businesses in your area.
It’s important to remember though that it’s not only Google Maps presence that influences your business’ ranking. There are other factors outside this which determine whether search engines will list you higher or lower on search engine results pages. There are factors such as SEO and paid marketing among others. You need the help of a knowledgeable internet marketer to help you navigate all these and be on top too.

Increasing your brand’s visibility on Google Maps

Visibility on Google Maps always help to grow one’s brand. Customers are always looking for businesses near them. The more easily they can access your own business,  the higher the chances that they will buy from you. There are many ways in which you can ensure that your brand is outstandingly visible on Google Maps. Here are four such ways:

  1. Give a complete address. Giving complete information on your address makes it easier for Google Maps to locate your business. Complete information should include name of business,  country or region,  street address,  city,  state,  and zip code. Give these and help your business become more visible.
  2. Specify your areas of service. One other way to ensure that search engines recognize your location is by specifying your areas of service. Be sure to list all the geographical areas in which you operate. This increases your chances of being shown on Google Maps.
  3. Verify your Google My Business account. This is as simple as that,  get your Google My Business verified. This gives you more credibility and increases your possibility of being shown on Google Maps result.
  4. Fill in the relevant categories. To ensure that your business comes up higher on search engine results pages,  ensure that you’ve listed it under all the relevant categories. If for example you deal in home decor,  ensure that you’re listed in the home decor category as well as the construction category.

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