3 Online Tools To Check Google SEO Volatility & Search Engine Fluctuations

Google makes thousands of changes to their search engine algorithm every year and creates specific names for these changes. The latest updates were called Hummingbird, Penguin, & Panda. With so many changes going on everyday it is no wonder websites fluctuate drastically amongst Google search results.

There are tools that can help internet marketers and business owners adjust to these changes. These tools monitor the volatility of the search engines and relay the information into bar graphs, pie charts, and “creatively” weather reports.

1. Mozcast creatively uses a weather report to describe Google algorithm changes. If the weather is higher, than search results are more volatile versus a lower degree weather report. There is also a bar graph to show the history of daily Google changes.

2. Serpmetrics.com/flux not only shows the fluctuations of Google, but also Bing and Yahoo. The data is collected from the top 100 results over a 30-day period. In addition, there are options to show more results from more websites than just the top 100.

3. Serps.com/tools/volatility is a daily index of 1,000 websites and shows and index or average of how volatile Google search has been over a 30 & 90-day period.

There are other Google algorithm volatility tools available. These seem to be the most popular at this point in time.

So Now What?

Well now you can analyze the data against your Google analytics tracking to see exactly what has happened to your website.

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