4 Reasons To Spend More On SEO In Atlanta

Google continuously tweaks its algorithms and the impact of SEO techniques also changes accordingly. Last year in May, there was a major update called the Penguin after which SEO gurus have changed the way they work. It is true that Google has improved and so have the SEO experts. Here are a few points to think about while planning your SEO budget after the update.

Now vs. Then

There is no lack of SEO companies budding from every nook and corner of the world. Not all of them are good according to today’s standards. Do not go by the results they got in 2008 but rather choose a company who has the updated knowledge of the changing Google algorithms. Someone who spends in his own updatiing, will definitely cost more than someone who doesn’t. Google itself has condemn cheap SEO tactics like using poor content, unnatural bookmarking and linking etc.


Most websites have witnessed a downfall after the Penguin update. It is not possible to recover from the damage with the same mindset. It requires a fresh perspective which everyone may not have. Whether it is addressing the technical issues or replacing poor content with good quality content, everything costs money. Other activities include rewording titles and getting rid of thin content. Issues like unnatural link building require more communication and convincing than link building itself.


SEO is no more a stand-alone task to be done by people who do not understand anything about your business. Businesses need to take more responsibility when it comes to search engine optimization and other forms of online marketing. There has to be a connect between different marketing campaigns via different marketing channels and SEO is one of them. In most small and big businesses, employees maintain a good social media presence that get the business a lot of credibility.


It is time to get quality work done irrespective of the size of the company. The Internet user is not naive as before and understands when he is being cheaply tricked into reaching a conclusion or making a buying decision. not only that, they resent websites that do not have useful content. If you think people are viewing the poor content you post, they are probably your competitors.

SEO Still Works

It is a good idea to choose a good quality SEO vendor because SEO still works. The right expert will have enough vision to plan his activities so that the results are not affected by the next update. Hire someone who has the flexibility and aptitude to change with the changing times, even if he or she costs more. After all, SEO costs are not expenses but investments. The changes only mean that the SEO industry is maturing and the fittest will definitely survive.