5 Helpful Hints In Web Design For Business Owners

A business website serves as the image of a business, which is why business owners are tasked to wear many hats to ensure that they drive traffic and increase conversion rates on their sites. However, Google and other search engines have tightened their rules, making it difficult for most business websites to appear on the front pages of search engine rankings. Many reasons why your business website is not appearing on the top pages have to do with the structure of the site and tight rules that Google uses to separate good business websites from bad ones. If you haven’t thought about sprucing up your website, you competitors are certainly doing it, which is why Google is not able to pull up your website from the rest of the players.

Here are top web design hints for Atlanta business owners:

1. Don’t let your images to clutter or be obsolete

It is important to have a simple, yet clean website than to maintain a website that has dead or unused site features. It is true that some features that were once helpful are no longer important to your internet visitors. Once your analysis reveals that some features can no longer serve your potential customers, it is good to rid them of your website. However, it is not always easy to identify clutter and only an experienced web designer will analyze and help eliminate such occurrences while ensuring that the functionality of your site is not compromised.

2. Irrelevant content

Make sure your content is relevant to your visitors. Old and obsolete content that does not add value to your internet visitors can adversely affect the image of your business. Instead, you want to update your content and make it relevant as the needs of your customers change.

3. Understand Your Website Objectives

Understanding what you want to achieve can significantly help you jump start your journey toward delivering a powerful business website. Though this may feel simple, many business owners fail to incorporate their objectives in the design process. By hiring a competent web designer, you will be able to establish your brand, build your customer base and increase your bottom line via a website that works to support your investment objectives.

4. Know your target visitors

Many visitors are bound to check out your site with different reasons, but you need to know how potential customers will react to the content, images, presentation and design styles. Understanding this aspect will help you design a website that appeals to each segment. The fact that your web designer understands the demographics of your visitors means you will build and maintain a site that meets your goals.

5. Make sure to eliminate dead links

If your site still hosts dead or nonfunctional links, know that this can harm the reputation of your company and chase your “would be” clients away. Customers can leave your business in many ways and links that do not redirect visitors to the right place can send them to sites that offer better experiences.

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