7 Conversion Tactics Every Website Should Be Using

You have a website with lots of traffic, and now you wonder how you can convert that traffic into profit? There are numerous ways to do that. The trick is to make each visitor into a client. In order to do that you have to be wise, and make your website appealing and fun to use (that means without a boring and lengthy registration process).

Button colors in contrast

Do not have buttons in color in which is the same color scheme of the page. If you do that your website will be monotonous and that means that visitors will not engage in further action. Good color to use is red, a red button is 21% better then green. The red button is so much more noticeable. You have to have a good contrast in order to make buttons more visible.

Be careful with the word ‘FREE’

Nowadays people do not fall for that as they use to before, actually now they are even more cautious. Lengthy sign-up process and giving personal information these are things which visitors do not like. So instead of telling them this is free you should tell them things like instant access, no credit card required, and no registration required. You have to leave an impression that they are on a legit website.


Remove that thing, reason is simple there will be more lost visitors opposite of spam that passes through. If captcha is too hard to read the visitor will give up and leave and you do not want your visitors to be frustrated when they visit your website. Of course if you use captcha on your blog you can leave it there, but if you have captcha on your registration or sales page you will probably lose money.

Return policies

Your goal is to have customers and even better customers who return to you. Returning customers are real customers so in order to have customers like that, you have to be more liberal with your policies. If customers wants to swap or return product, make that possible! Why? You will gain more and have satisfied customers, and when the customer is happy then you are happy also!

Privacy policy

It makes you look more serious and a lot of people forget to do it, but do not be like others. You can even use a generator to make one. Your website will be much more professional if a customer/client sees the privacy policy.

Error pages

Sometimes you lose a buyer because of a “Not found” page you can prevent that by offering some discount or corral them to the product in which they showed interest. You should do that because if you don’t fix the missing page the buyer will be lost and leave the website.

Use Video

A video is a great tool to use because it familiarizes buyer with the product. We all want to see the stuff which we buy so by presenting a video to a customer you will increase the chance of selling. It would be also great to put your own face in the video also.

Many more ideas come in to play when converting visitors to customers. HopInTop conversion rate optimization (CRO) is known for increasing conversion rates by 5% in the first month of website design changes specifically for conversion.