7 Important Steps In Choosing An Atlanta SEO

Everyone has their own thoughts about SEO and what company does this and who does that and which works. Choosing an Atlanta SEO company is a very important decision for any business and should not be taken lightly. You want and need to see results in a reasonable amount of time or you are simply wasting your money. There are some things you need to consider and a few tips to help you choose the right Atlanta SEO company. 

Keyword optimization

The company you hire should be effectively able to analyze as well as optimize your keywords. They also should suggest more effective keywords if necessary. 

Page Ranking

Your expectations of page ranking improvements should be outlined and there needs to be a plan of action that is measurable with very detailed analytics laid out that  you can decipher. 

Linking Structure

The company you hire should be able to analyze your website’s linking structure and show you how they can improve it. Linking between your site and other respectable sites is a big part of SEO. 


Compare the quotes you receive for an SEO company, then weigh those against the same budget in other advertising before you make a final decision. Will the SEO company have better results or faster results? 

Shop around

You want to get a few quotes that are detailed in order to be able to compare apples to apples before choosing an SEO company. You want high quality, but you also want the best price for the quality. 

Analysis & Reports

You should have very specific written guide lines that include how, when and what reports and analysis information you will receive. If a company is not willing to offer regular reporting you should stay away from them. 

Communication & Customer service

You should have no questions about how to contact the SEO company you hire and there should be a solid customer service/assistance system in place in case you have questions or issues along the line. 


Always have your budget spelled out very clearly. It should be something that you can commit to continuing for a long term period. 


You need to be able to develop a great working relationship with your SEO company. You want to know that the people representing you are reliable and are working in your best interest. If problems arise between you and your account manager you need to know in advance what steps would be taken to find a right fit. 

Gut instinct

Sometimes you have to just go with your gut, as a business owner your instinct should be pretty honed in. If you have a feeling that one company is not the right fit, listen to that. 

SEO is a very important part of advertising and marketing. You want to ensure that you have the best seo company performing for you.