Nowadays, the majority of people use search engines like Google to find local businesses. Recent statistics suggest 64% of people use the Internet to find local businesses, 78% of mobile searches for local companies result in offline sales, and these percentages will only increase. If you are responsible for the marketing of a small local business, you surely can’t afford to ignore local search engine optimization.
If you were, for example, a plumbing supply business in New Jersey looking to compete against a national supplier, local SEO would be your way to outperform your larger counterpart. If you really wanted to succeed against the national business, you would also use Adwords campaign management services New Jersey to dominate the local search space.
The use of Google Adwords campaign management services can make sure your website listing is put right at the top of the page when people are searching for your type of service. The return on investment from an Adwords campaign can be huge with, for example, a 372% ROI reported in the marketing agencies sector in 2016.
Local SEO and Adwords placement are all about providing your company with incredibly highly qualified leads. This form of marketing directly targets people in your locality that are in need, right now, of exactly the product or service you provide. You will often find directories near the top of local search results, and local directory marketing is a strategy which is used to successfully boost the conversion rate of your advertising. By having your business listed in local directories you could potentially find that you are getting close to a 50% conversion rate on those directory listings, as previous studies have shown.
You may have used leaflet deliveries or advertising in local media in the past to advertise your business, but these methods are clearly inherently wasteful and offer nowhere near the level of timely targeting that search engine optimization can. Search engine optimization is not only about your website listings on other sites, your website’s content is also important to providing local results. The content of your site should be created for both your customer to be informed about you and also for the benefit of search engine placement. The customer needs to be convinced of your credibility quickly when they visit your site, if you fail to do this fast enough they will hit the back button and be gone for good.
An important part of SEO is getting links to your site from other websites. The words which are used to do this are particularly important when it comes to local search results, with the name of the area needing to be in the link text. Not all websites are the same when it comes to having your link placed there, some web pages will be given more importance by Google’s algorithm than others. It is a difficult task to get right, so you do need people that know what they are doing in order to get the results you want.
As a local business, you can advance the growth of your customer base and level the playing field against national concerns with the use of adwords campaign management services new jersey. Check out our professional services from the menu above if you want to improve your local customer sales.