Atlanta Business Radio X Features HopInTop A Leader In Atlanta Marketing

business radio x Business Radio X, a network dedicated to introducing innovative entrepreneurs and successful business leaders interviewed HopInTop’s CEO, Chad Adam and Marketing Specialist, Benjamin Walle last week as they spoke about the ever-changing technology and competition in the internet marketing industry. HopInTop was featured on two of their radio shows, ‘Midtown Business Radio’ and ‘Atlanta Technology Leaders’. Business Radio X features business professionals interviewing their peers, delving deep into critical issues, and delivering practical information to an engaged audience. HopInTop is Atlanta’s go to marketing firm specializing in SEO, Internet Marketing, Public Relations, Content Marketing and Social Media. Branding is a top priority with HopInTop, as well as dedicating valuable time to communicate the company’s goals and objectives.


The interview focused on various aspects of HopInTop, such as the history of the company, branding and where the future of search engine optimization (SEO) is headed. “I ended up with real results for myself, so I wanted to pass that on to other companies who were encountering the same issue, I knew I wasn’t alone,” said Chad Adam, HopInTop’s CEO. Due to Atlanta being one of the top cities for small business growth, Chad believes that the community here will respond well for an opportunity to enhance local business. The interview also focused on its competitors, the various industries HopInTop’s clients are in and how they stand out from the rest.


business radio x“Our goal is to really get to know the brand, which is a top priority…we understand that SEO is ever-changing, and we need to change with it; it’s about content marketing more than anything. Our goal is to bring in buyer traffic to clients websites by engaging the public, that is what we do,” states Benjamin Walle, Marketing Specialist for HopInTop. Ben joined the team in January 2014.

How Is HopInTop Different

Chad and Ben both believe that they have many contenders as HopInTop is in a market saturated with SEO firms, but most important, the duo realize that they are their own competition. The interview goes on to discuss that other local SEO companies are doing minimal work and that “you get what you pay for.” Both consider that on the surface many companies seem cost effective, almost a steal, but they are “over-promising and under-delivering.”

HopInTop will help find, engage and listen to a company’s audience because it pushes them to be honest while being the best at what they do. HopInTop is currently running a scholarship for local college and university students interested in ranking a personal webpage on the first page of Google Search. The company has also reached out to the American Red Cross, Atlanta Chapter, to host a blood drive at the HopInTop headquarters here in Atlanta, Georgia.

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