Atlanta Social Media Marketing Company Reveals Innovative Strategies For 2014

Internet marketing through social media avenues is no longer about just having a Facebook account and a Twitter feed that are to keep up with my other marketing friends. Instead, having a thorough internet marketing strategy that incorporates a range of social media ideas for both a local and national audience is important.

Controlling Search & Social

Google+ is the new “800-pound gorilla” of social media, and knowing how to use it is vital to making your business successful in 2014. Google+ allows users to claim authorship of articles they have written, and quality content still is the best way to gain organic followers online. When you write an article, claim your authorship of that article and post it to Google+. Everyone in your Google circles then will be able to read it, and if they give you a “+1,” everyone in their circles will see it, too.

In addition, by using Google+ to interact with other people locally, you will be able to get your name in front of more people in a specific geographic area. If you sell car parts, for instance, write reviews of your experiences with local car dealerships or detailing shops. Be courteous, even if a review isn’t glowing, and always interact politely with any responses.

New Social Media Giants

Looking outside of Twitter and Facebook the giants of social media to other sources of traffic can be beneficial to your business in 2014. Pinterest, long known as a women’s “domestic arts” site is starting to expand its viewership to people who are interested in all manner of topics from the latest gadgets to car upgrades.

Instagram also works well for companies with aesthetic products, so if your company has anything visual that you can show off, check out Pinterest and Instagram as possible sources of new customers.

Content For Social Media

Producing videos is one of the best ways to get more eyes glued to your company or product in 2014. Videos or slideshows are standard now for websites with significant amounts of content to share. Instead of just posting a new article about how to know if shrimp are cooked, post a short video demonstrating how to tell. Videos that solve a user’s problem are incredibly popular and remember that the videos don’t have to be exactly what your website provides, although they should attract a similar demographic if you want to convert video followers to loyal readers or customers.

The key for small businesses is not to spread themselves too thin. Pick two platforms that work well for your business model and stick with them. Post regularly and be sure to respond to others. Social media is social; don’t neglect building your network through genuine connections!

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