Awards for SEO Link Building

SEO Link Building can be a challenging business and there is a great deal of information out there, all which may contradict other sources in the same field. Link building doesn’t have to be hard though. The first concern is having great content to link to and providing benefit when you provide a link to your readers or consumers. While a link can be inserted nearly anywhere, relevant links are far more likely to produce fewer bounces and attract more leads for conversion. Building links can be performed to internal content in your website or to external sources. If you network with other site owners or bloggers they may also be willing to link to your site or product as well.

Where should SEO links be used?

  • In articles- Link to products that you are providing information about.
  • In calls to action- Linking to a product page may lead to a lead conversion.
  • In promotional emails- Help customers in the awareness stage reach the consideration stage of their buying process.
  • On landing pages- Promote your products or great new blog content.
  • In awards or badges- People feel the need to promote items like awards or badges on their own site and this is great for link building
  • Anywhere else that you feel that they may be relevant- Thank you pages are always a wonderful way to build a relationship with your leads.

What should a link lead to?

  • Additional articles for further information- Provides benefits to your customers and helps them to solve a problem with a better solution.
  • Product pages to close a sale- Show case your products for leads that may be ready to purchase, but need a bit more information before closing the deal.
  • Affiliated sources or blogs- Link to other great content on the web and network with other blog owners to promote your content as well.
  • Thank you pages after a conversion page from a call to action- Build a rapport with your customers or readers by giving appreciation gifts after a sale is made. This is a great way to gain continuing business.

How to choose a link source:

  • Build and cultivate inbound links to your own internal content- Provide additional education for your customers about other products within your site.
  • Use you’re the index to choose the best pages within your site to link to- Look for the best existing content to link to for increased relevance.
  • Look for other sites with great content to link to as well, who knows they may link to you as well. Often one good turn may inspire another and help you to build a very positive online presence.

In the end seo link building can be very beneficial to you and your customers. When you link with other websites it builds credibility with search engines that crawl your site. It can also provide you with additional exposure for your brand or product if customers can find you through affiliate links on other sites.

So while seo link building can seem tedious or time consuming it really does provide a great source of traffic for your site when done correctly. Keep in mind that links should be inserted in relevant areas and they should always provide additional value. Internal links could also help you to turn a qualified lead into a conversion if used within a call to action.