Develop An Amazing Landing Page Design For PPC Pay Per Click Conversion

When it comes to creating the perfect landing page, you want to optimize the amount of space you have for different bits of information. This landing page is often going to detail your business or service, provide content about yourself and where people can find the business. Pay per click PPC advertisements will bring in revenue from this landing page. Knowing how to put information together in the best way possible is going to ensure you receive the best turn around on visitors and potentially turn these visitors into sales.

1. For starters, you want your location listed front and center along with your phone number.

This can be a map of your location or just your actual address. Having Google Maps integrated into the website is helpful as then individuals can easily plug this into their mobile phones, especially if they are coming to your landing page by way of mobile browser. However you have the address displayed you want it large enough for people to see and in the upper left corner of the page so it is the first thing people see.

2. Next to the map you always want a way for your visitors to communicate with you.

The entire reason for running a landing page, website, social media and other online content services for your company is to transform these visitors into sales. By giving the individuals the ability to contact you, you increase the chances that they are eventually going to buy your products. This is done in a Call to Action section. In the business world, a call to action refers to when you instruct individuals on what they need to do and how they can better themselves by using your services. However, with this you simply can have a call to action stand as en email request form. This form can request their name, email address, phone number and any sort of question or comment they might have about your services. This way you can directly talk to them.

3. Under the call to action you want to remind the individual visiting your website of the exceptional experience other customers have had.

A small testimonial along the side of the page is great as you can use short blurbs from people on your page. This doesn’t take up much room, but it re-insures the current visitors of the quality of your products and services.

4. In the middle of the page you want your service information.

This is a general write up about what your company provides and anything else you want the customers to know. Make it easy to read such as using a bullet list.

5.  Placing links to reviews that people can find online about your company will ensure a safe experience for the visitor.

Placing these link below the testimonials will help keep the visitor on the page. Placing the links to the right of the services will also ensure the visitor reads the services first as the eyes read from left to right.

6. Adding trust symbols, pictures or badges of awards, and pictures of staff shows that you are a real company with a real history.

A landing page for pay per click PPC conversion is all about building trust instantly with the visitor. It is said that visitors make decisions in seconds. So making your landing page perfect is key in optimizing your pay per click PPC campaign.

It is not recommended that one create their own pay per click campaign. Search engines like Google want to make you think this is an easy task because they want to get as much money as possible. In fact, each keyword actually has three spectrums of marketing; broad, phrase, and exact. If you are not familiar with these terms and how to create a campaign, please contact HopInTop for more information.