Facebook Marketing Strategies For Halloween


Image Credit: Moodý Photography

With the Halloween holiday fast approaching, it is necessary to take advantage of this festive time with your Facebook marketing strategies. This will draw more attention to the products and services you want to sell. Everyone is going to be looking for Halloween themed items, hayrides, haunted houses, etc… This article will be useful for marketing any type of product or service on Facebook.

When using Facebook and other forms of social media for your marketing, you already have a direct line into your key demographic. After all, this is one major reason as to why you use the social media giant anyways. Beyond this, Facebook allows you to connect to users in any area.

Increasing Sales

There are new tools available that allow Facebook users to buy directly from the news feed. With these tools you can post for free and then “boost the post” thru Facebook’s paid ad services. You can literally collect emails and sell products right in your news feed. That means that people will feel comfortable with the purchase because they will be under the impression that they are buying directly from Facebook. One of the most trusted websites in existence.

Imagine having a haunted house Halloween business and you want to sell tickets for people to come. However, ticket sales for tonight’s show are not that good. Within 10 minutes a social media campaign can be created with people:

>  Buying tickets from the Facebook news feed

>  Liking the post

>  Sharing the information

>  Commenting on the post

That is major promotion for a very small cost and is likely to create many more sales for future shows. Your Facebook campaign just needs to utilize the proper text and images to ignite general interest.

Facebook Ads

If you have used Facebook recently, you probably have noticed that ads now appear in the middle of your news feed. These are often products you might like and are more likely to show interest in. It is these sorts of ads you need to focus in in for improving your marketing for the Halloween season. While the side bar ads are fine, much of it is out of the way. With new technology and smaller devices, they might not even see the side ad either. By having the ad placed right in the middle of the news feed, it ensures the person is always going to see it, not to mention it brings more attention to the ad. Additionally, when it loads in the news feed, it comes across as a product that someone else has liked from your group of friends. In fact, Facebook is going to say one of the friends you frequently talk to or view their profile likes it, to make it more attractive. This way more people see the post, which means more people are likely to buy your products improving sales for the Halloween season.

These ads are going to cost more than what the side ads cost, but it is well worth the investment. You just need to select the “News Feed” ad option when selecting what sort of advertisement you want to take advantage of with Facebook. Once you have selected this and the amount of money you are willing to part with for the space, you can drastically increase your market share.