Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Business

For a small business in Atlanta, Facebook is a most versatile tool in that it can be used to reach out to local, national, and even international clients. However, Facebook’s main use for small businesses lies in its potential as an online hub, serving to connect the rest of small businesses’ online presence for a coordinated marketing effort.

Here are some Facebook marketing tips for small businesses in Atlanta:

• Much of effective marketing is about marketing to the correct clientele. This is all the more true if your business is focused on selling to one niche of a bigger market as part of your differentiation strategy. Facebook is useful in this regard because it provides you with the tools needed to market your business to your intended audience. For example, Facebook ads can be targeted using demographic information such as age, location, and personal interests. Better still, Facebook provides you with all of the measurement tools needed to examine your marketing efforts, which is vital if you are interested in understanding your clientele better so as to achieve a higher conversion rate from leads to sales.

• Although it is difficult to measure, reputation is one of the most critical assets that your business can own because it is crucial for achieving a high conversion rate from leads to sales. Facebook is an excellent tool for building up your business’s reputation because reputation is about creating and cultivating an impression of your business as being both reliable and trustworthy. Each time that you post something relevant to your business, you establish your expertise in the eyes of your readers. Similarly, as you post interesting and useful content on a regular basis you establish your reliability to the same individuals.

• Building a base of interested individuals on social media sites such as Facebook is important because of social media’s potential marketing benefits. People who come up with interesting content on social media tend to share it with their friends, some of whom will go on to share it with their friends. This results in a virtuous cycle for the content originator, thus achieving much deeper penetration than otherwise possible. To exploit this characteristic of social media sites you need to post interesting content, while also making it as easily shared as possible. The fewer obstacles to sharing your content, the more readers will pass it on.

• Of course, you should never forget to use Facebook as a means of communicating with your clients. Two-way communication builds trust, all the more so because it establishes you and your business as part of the same community. However, you can also use Facebook to make announcements that you want spread as far and as widely as possible.

Social media marketing is reaching new heights and not just with Facebook. Other sites including Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest and Stumbleupon are widely popular. However, each site is completely different when it comes to internet marketing strategies.