Frequently Asked Questions
What sets you apart from the competition?
We are the only company in the digital marketing industry providing the 30+ digital solutions that we have. This combined with our 15+ years of experience gives both you and us the confidence to deliver a high return on your investment.
Will I have a dedicated team working on my account?
Yes, indeed! We have experienced staff that specializes in each digital product and your sales manager will be happy to get answers to any questions you may have.
Will I be able to receive a report and view marketing material for my campaign?
Yes, absolutely. You’ll have 24/7 access to a bespoke digital dashboard where you can personally see how your campaign is performing. SEO reports are also emailed to you weekly for your convenience.
Will you match the level of service I’m currently receiving from a competitor?
We’re happy to start the conversation as we value everyone’s business and would like to offer value! If you send us a copy of your current contract, keywords and a receipt of your monthly payments we’ll analyze the package to see how we can exceed your expectations!
Can I pause my account?
Yes. You’ll just need to provide written confirmation of the date to pause the account and the date you would like to restart the campaign.
How do I cancel?
You’ll be too happy to leave! If you however decide to leave permanently we don’t have contracts, so all you need to do is send an email 30 days before you cancel.
Will I receive phone support?
HopInTop is happy to provide one hour of free phone support per month. Anything over one hour will have to be billed at our consulting fee rates.
Do you have any case studies?
Yes we do. Go to HopInTop.com and click on “case studies” located in the menu. To see a feed with live results go to HopinTop.com and click on “View live results” in the menu.
Where is the company and your employees based? Do you outsource?
Our employees are in the USA with offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Virginia.
Can we revise the red text in SEO Reports?
Only the full supporting content can be changed as it must be 500 words plus and must not have links going out except one link to the home page with keywords being in the first sentence.  Changing this will have a huge impact on SEO. The Call To Action can be added but can only link to home page.
If a particular white label client is concerned about some of the outbound links.

What can we say to explain to them how they were selected?

It has been selected by relativity and natural linking factors
Can we remove the outbound links in the SEO report?
You can. If you do, it will hurt search engine rankings.
How does the client pay for the media? By adding a credit card to a Google Ads


I explained before that we must receive all management fees and advertising spend up front. We create the account and do not work off of other accounts. By using our account and because we are certified, you receive 50 cents off of every click.
How do we get the US based, target demographic followers?
We target the USA
What are the websites you can do SEO on?
Any website
What are the locations you do SEO?
Any Location