Fuel Your Client’s Facebook Activity like a Pro

Facebook MarketingFrom posting regularly to kick-starting those lively conversations, social media strategies that maintain and fuel activity are key towards increasing your presence on Facebook. Having learned and successfully applied these social media strategies, HopInTop presents you with the tips—some of which are from industry experts—that will help boost your Facebook’s most crucial features: I.e. likes, shares, fans, as well as comments.

Facebook Likes

Facebook likes are an indication that your brand’s followers are actively engaging with the posts you create—which are key in boosting your popularity.

Leverage on the Three E’s

Posts are powerful at getting your message across. So create posts which educate, entertain, as well as empower. Make sure that your posts satisfy the three E’s. This way, you are sure that your posts are going to attract more likes since the content is positively impacting on your followers. So, the next time you plan to design your posts, ask yourself, ‘Will the post Educate, Entertain, and Empower?”. If not, take another route.

The Power of Upcycling High-Performing Content

If your posts receive lots of likes from your followers, the odds of them doing it again are high. Therefore, you should upcycle (re-upload popular posts with new, but timely caption).

Quick Tip:

  • Allow time—preferably 3 weeks or posting 10 posts before you can upcycle.
  • Consider refreshing and reposting. However, shy away from copy and pasting. Upcycle the post with a new caption.
  • Use the post only 3 times a month—otherwise, your users are likely to notice the repetition.

Facebook Comments

With Facebook comments, your followers will interact directly with that brand of yours much easily and effortlessly. This gives your audience a meaningful way to connect as well as share your posts. Subscribe to these ideas and take your game to another new level.

Use Hashtags Sparingly

While hashtags are synonymous with other social media platforms like Twitter, they don’t perform well on Facebook. According to a study conducted by Social Bakers, employing as little as 3 hashtags will significantly reduce engagement in Facebook. So, if you should use hashtags, limit yourself to a maximum of two. Restricting yourself to 1-2 hashtags is only going to make your posts more authentic—which will ultimately garner more comments.

Quick pro tips

  • Consider creating a simple hashtag post when highlighting events, contests, as well as promos. This will help followers associate the hashtag to your brand.
  • Leverage on industry-specific hashtags—like #daylighting—to boost your reach.

Start Your Posts with Engaging Words

Start your posts with words that encourage interactions—like should, would, and which—and watch your posts receive high engagement. Ask your audience questions—preferably 10—with these three words in your posts. “Would you like….? Which of these do you…….? Should we …………….?” Post once a week and monitor the response from your followers.

Pro tip

  • Consider asking your followers exciting and lighthearted questions
  • Consider questions that your followers can quickly and easily answer

Facebook Shares

With Facebook shares, your followers have a powerful as well as effective way to organically/automatically spread your brand’s content. Leverage on the following two ways and let shares take your brand to a top level.

Take Advantage of Lists

Followers—especially those who use mobile phones—want valuable but direct/easy to consume listings. For instance, listicles on BuzzFeed are doing extremely well. They are quick, valuable, and digestible. So, create a list of your business offering, walk listicles and images into your posts when crafting Facebook ads.

Pro Tips

  • Consider making ads like these as lists, “The 5 myths you should dispel today, Share these top 5 new products this season, 10 sings you want a …….”
  • Consider choosing an odd number (but it should be small) for your lists.

Consider Capitalizing On Tiered Promos

Logic: When fans interact more with Facebook contests, they make the promotion more valuable. As such, tiered promos help keep fans more engaged –encouraging them to share posts for a longer period of time. To leverage this gateway-style contest, let users unlock bigger and better discounts and rewards when they share your posts. For instance, if they share your post 5 times, they get a 10 percent discount.

Pro Tips

  • Never constrain yourself in offering only discounts as prizes. Offering popular products, free trial sessions, and even free services can be another option.
  • Be mysterious and keep one surprise prize to pique curiosity as well as generate excitement.

Facebook Fans

If you have a responsive, active, and engaged fan base, the odds are that you’ll be getting more likes, shares, as well as comments—aspects most brands are looking for to boost their Facebook presence. The following two strategies will boost the interaction of your fans and your content.

Consider a “Like Our Page To Win Prizes” Challenge/Contest

“Like our page to win prices” is an effective way of growing your Facebook fan base. Here is how to launch it:

  • Share a few posts and let your fans know that you are giving away popular products or services
  • Tell them that to win, they must follow or share your post

Pro Tips

  • Let the rules of the contest require users to like your page
  • Promote the contest on social media platforms like Twitter
  • Design a contest-explicit hashtag and then use it throughout the contest

Invite More Facebook Users to like Your Brand’s Page

Inviting those fans who engage with your brand’s posts is the surest way of building a strong Facebook fan base. For instance, you can click on the names of users who react to your post to establish whether they’ve liked your page. If they haven’t, don’t shy away from inviting them to like your page. This way, you’d have established a highly interactive and engaged fan base.

Pro Tips

  • Invite. Don’t harass.
  • Don’t buy Facebook likes. As time goes by, these users will cease to be engaged with your brand’s posts.

Take Your Email Subscribers to Facebook

Take your white label social media services to the next level with email newsletters. This will help inform your clients about your brand’s social media presence. Plus, for more results, add your Facebook page’s link in your email newsletters.  You can also add “like and share “button to the newsletters to boost traffic and generate more fans.

  • Consider offering incentives to subscribers who visit or like your Facebook page. For instance, you can give them a free newsletter.