Google Adwords Remarketing

Google adwords Remarketing is a feature introduced by Google and gives you capabilities to create advertisements specifically targeted to people visiting your website. It gives you a second chance to once more market your product to the interested customers for them to buy.

How Google AdWords Remarketing Works

This feature works on a simple categorization method. Customers visiting your site
are classified basing on their activities. Those who visit and leave the site
are classified in one category,  those who view a product but do not buy in
another category and those who buy a product in the buyers’ category.
Thereafter,  custom ads can be designed for those who did not buy the product to enable them revisit the page and close a sale. The buyers can be targeted with messages that will introduce new products to them. Below are some benefits of Google AdWords Remarketing.

Targeted Advertisements to Varied Customers

The Google AdWords Remarketing allows targeted advertisements to customers. The whole process works by monitoring customers who have visited the site. Then the customers are classified to interested parties that did not buy the product and
those who bought the product.
The interested parties are then send compulsive messages that will trigger them to
buy the product. The buyers on the other hand can be send alternative products
that they can buy. Those who just visited the site with no interest can be send
captivating message for a second site visit.

Increased Visibility and Recall of your Product

The Google AdWords Remarketing service will enable the customers to see the Ad more than once. This will make the product to stick in the memories of the
customers. Even those who were initially not interested in the product will
gain interest.
As a result the product will remain longer in the customer’s memory. It can also be an easy way to brand the product.

Increase Chances of Closing a successful Sale

Since the customer is given a second chance to view the product,  chances of closing a product sale will be significantly increased. The Google AdWords Remarketing can therefore assist you realize bigger revenues and increase you sales.

Continuous Track of Prospect Customers

During the whole process works buy categorizing customers basing on their activity on your website. There are those who do not buy but have interest and a potential
to buy. And there are those who buy and can be targeted with alternative products.
Continuous tracking can be a powerful tool in advertisement. It will assist you to have a good survey and statistics on how your product resonates with the interest of
the customers.

High Traffic to your Site

Giving the customers a second chance to visit your site will mean more visits to your site. This will then translate to high traffic to your website. This can help your site score better.
Google AdWords Remarketing will assist you to increase customer conversion rate by upto five times more. As a result you will significantly cut down on the cost of
AdWord marketing. It is an ingenious way of marketing that you should never
miss out. Its benefits are scientifically proven as effective and efficient.