Google Update Panda 4.0 SEO Strategy 2014

Google announced the roll out of Panda 4.0, even though they claim it is supposed to be a gentler change for most sites and SEO users it will have to be watched and measured over the next few weeks to see if and where and who are hit by the changes.

For those of you who are not SEO literate, Panda is Google’s algorithm that is used to index pages and rankings in search engine placements. It is why you see the pages listed that you see when you complete a Google Search. It is all behind the scenes and most people have no idea what algorithms are or how they work. But for marketers and SEO content reliant sites it is a huge deal.

Some survival tips for Panda 4.0

• Keep your site content high quality. Panda 4.0 will penalize and negatively rank sites with low quality
• Optimizing your pages is essential
• Use specific keywords and content not generalizations
• Social bookmarking is a great tool to help with Google rankings in this update

You need to have very high quality content and articles every time you post. Google is going to definitely penalize sites that have low quality spammy content and articles.

• Longer, high quality articles
• Inspire your readers with a personal style
• Solve issues with relevant topics

Connecting With Your Audience

Targeting your readers and traffic is a priority as well. Your content and articles need to have a audience not just be a general broad subject. Keep on targeted areas throughout the blog, you do not want to go out in left field with some random topic.

Connecting with you audience is key. Reach out to people’s emotions, and morals to connect on a personal level with your readers. Know who your readers are, the more you know your target audience the more you can connect with them personally and emotionally.

Remove content from your site that is low quality. Even if you have great recent articles that you are dishing out daily, you still need to remove the old content that is low quality so that you are not penalized for it and ruins all your good intentions. Do not use or leave any copied content.


Learn how to do search engine optimization. You can easily learn how to do this online, there are gads of articles that will teach you how. Use a friendly SEO theme something custom, if you use WordPress you can easily opt into Genesis or Thesis. But watch for loading speeds, compression and such.


Use social media to promote your site! Social media has become one of the best marketing secrets of all times. Google+ is where you need to start. Then spread out from there. The more traffic seen going to your site and interacting with you, the better rankings you will have.