How to Build Links in 2019

This is a short tutorial of the link building process for those who want to create links that last. The details change from niche to niche. But the overview is the same. Regard this as a template that can be adapted for your situation.
What is Posirank VS HopInTop

1. Cultivate Natural Citations with Solution Pages
A link building strategy that is most important for 2019 is to recognize problems that need solving then producing content that solves those problems. This can be the heart of a link building strategy.
Find out where your readers are, then get there with your content that solves their problems.

2. Be Useful
Usefulness is very important. This is so different from viral link strategies. Viral link strategies are generally focused on trivial emotional and reaction-based triggers, part of what is referred to as the cult of distraction.

Link building is not about the number of links. It’s about the rankings and sales lift that the links provided.

The number of links doesn’t matter anymore. That’s why viral and link bait strategies are increasingly unnecessary because the links they generate are also useless.
In terms of efficiency, you’re better off focusing on creating useful content that costumers return to, that users share and users link to.

3. Build Connections with People Not Sites
Building connections with the people behind related sites makes a lot of sense. This is something I do for myself and for clients. Creating friends is a winning strategy for building links.

4. Link Begging
Link begging is old but it’s good. The best way to meet someone is to reach out and say, “Hello.”
This is an essential way to get the ball rolling on ranking. Be prepared for more failures than successes.
Don’t try scaling your outreach. You’ll lose quality opportunities along the way.

All of the above link building methods are explaining How to Build Links in 2019 by building authority, growing traffic, and making your site known. What ties all the points together is concentrating on people, on users.