How To Resell PPC Pay Per Click Reseller

Had to refuse a project to run a PPC campaign? Happens a lot with digital marketing service providers. But how do you take on such challenges? We’ve got a plan.

There are times when you already have too many many paid marketing projects to work on. Your resources are limited and hiring new people would only be an added strain. As much as you hate it, you might just be compelled to say no to a new work. But, never say no. We’ve got you covered. A solution that works wonders is to hire a pay per click reseller. With that, you rest assured about your campaign and focus on marketing and winning clients.

Still skeptical about it? Here are some white label PPC related facts to support the claim.

1. PPC can triple your qualified traffic.

2. More than 30 percent of agencies use white label PPC programs.

3. PPC reseller programs can bring down the costs to half.

4. With the white label PPC, agencies have reported doubled clients as quick as 6 months.

With all these benefits, you don’t want to miss hiring a PPC reseller. Get one onboard and let them work while you make business. Now let’s just tell you how to resell PPC.

Things You Need To Know About Our PPC Reseller Program

With more than 10 years in Digital Marketing, we are a bunch of experts dealing with your PPC reselling needs. We have devised a rich model that promises growth hacking. We grow with your growth and that’s been much visible in our previous endeavors. You run a business small or big, you deserve to grow. Our team mastering the art of PPC reselling is always looking for those sort of challenges globally.

Every single player at our service masters the art of selling. Our expertise in anything related to online marketing from keyword research to bid management makes us the change makers that we are. We know exactly how to bring the most qualified traffic to your website quickly and effectively. We know how to make you a brand.

What Our Reseller Program Offers?

1. Fast Results – Our technology promises you visible results as quick as 7 days

2. Real-time Reporting – We offer 100% transparent reporting with proven results in real-time.

3. No Contracts – With us, you’re never contract bound. Cancel us anytime if you aren’t satisfied.

How Can We Help You?

As white label PPC resellers, we can be very discrete about our jobs. We understand the reseller program well and work in the background without even your client spotting our presence. We’ve got you covered with an end to end strategy and execution as far as any PPC campaign is concerned.

We assist you throughout the process starting from initial communication to handing over white labeled reports to you. Our team takes it as a responsibility that your clients make more business with every penny spent on the campaign.

Why Us For PPC Reseller Services?

With a large pool of talent that we have in here, we can deal with any project big or small. We also bring to the table a huge global experience of working with reputed designers, developers, and agencies. With fast changing environment, we like to keep up with the latest trends and development in PPC and Google AdWords programs.

Got a question or a challenge for us? Get in touch with HopIntop. We have premium white label PPC management solutions for your agency.