How To Use Facebook Connected TV Ads

For many years, digital advertisers and agencies have fantasized over the amalgamation of TV advertising and social media. It would certainly be amazing if we could tap the benefits of superior ad targeting by Facebook and the measurement capabilities of TV commercials. Thanks to the latest update, it is now possible to use Facebook connected TV ads. While you can find out how to go about using Facebook connected TV advertising below, you can rely on a credible service such as for quick and better results.

What is a connected TV?

It is actually a smart TV that uses the World Wide Web for accessing content not included in the cable package of the user. For instance, content from over the top (OTT) services such as Amazon, Hulu and Netflix may not be included in a user’s cable TV package. With the smart TV, you can access all such Internet content and stream movies and shows of your choice. However, you need to subscribe to these OTT services.

How to use Facebook connected (smart) TV ads?

When advertisers select connected (smart) TV as their ad placement option, their adverts show up within the apps of the audience network partners of Facebook such as Lifetime, A&E and History. Note that the Facebook connected (smart) TV ads won’t show up in Facebook’s own TV app.

A digital marketing agency can tap this potency of connected TV and create brand awareness among audiences with a particular demographic. By using connected TV, the marketing agency can also promote products in an intriguing manner during popular TV shows and movies. Since the ads are highly targeted, clients stand a better chance of getting sales and brand recognition through this innovative advertising program.

To run the ad, the advertiser (the marketing agency) has to choose brand awareness, engagement objectives or video views. Once this is done, you have to select Edit Placements or Automatic Placements. Advertisers have the option to decide in which shows their ads will appear. For instance, if the advertiser is apprehensive, he may not show a veganism ad in a TV show dedicated to meat eating. If you are worried about brand safety, you could employ Facebook’s blocking category to block lists to ensure that your ads are not shown in content that may jeopardize brand images. 

Typically, a video length of 15 to 30 seconds is recommended for showing ads in connected TV. Also, you have to choose the resolution level, sound and the aspect ratio to optimize the advert. With proper placement of ads and appropriate choice of content, you could create awareness of the brand of your client and promote products and services to targeted prospects within no time. 

Many marketers may think that the chore is cumbersome to get started with connected TV. If you feel the same, get in touch with a reliable marketing service such as HopInTop and  you can learn more on How To Use Facebook Connected TV Ads .With such a reputed service, you can get started with the Facebook connected TV ads and accomplish your advertising and marketing goals as desired.