PPC stands for pay per click and it mentions a strategy of marketing in which the advertisers pay a nominal fee for clicking on their Ads. A PPC campaign is crafted by white label for the services that a client can be provided from a reseller. The services included by White label PPC are:

  • Reports
  • Consultancy services
  • PPC campaigns
  • And many more

Services to businesses are provided by white label so that they can resell them as their own. Once it is decided to partner with this white label agency, the provider will be paid to design a service or product which the reseller would deliver to their client. For instance, if an advertising agency decided to offer social media service to their clients who are not so expert in their fields then they will hire a white label agency who provide this service. Here basically, you resell your product to local businesses by managed digital advertising. Here is a simple example of how this works:

  1. A white label PPC service provider sells its services to Digital agency for reselling their products.
  2. The Digital agency then resells the brand with their logo and sells to their one more business client called health4life.
  3. The white label’s advertising team completes the PPC services to this health4life client bought from this Digital agency all under the brand name of Digital agency.

Under this white label PPC, the agencies can be confident of their hamper of offering to their clients all under their brand name. White label PPC aids you in the early stages of an agency life when there is shortage of money and workforce. Even if the agency has all the knowledge still it may not be able to provide time to provide services to their clients along with running the business as it is a tedious task involving vast time investment.

So white label PPC can help you here. A White service helps you to make their experts yours with agency becoming an expert in their PPC field. Briefly, White Label PPC makes a way for agencies to make huge amount of money without much work for themselves. Outsourcing White label PPC is a safest way to give definite results for your business clients. There is an instance of how White label PPC made a small American restaurant add new hundreds of customers to their books from their Advertising campaigning and the agencies that sold them these Ad services gained around 4,400 % ROI dues to White Label PPC.

With White label PPC we can get the following benefits:

  • UIA programmatic bidding with Google AdWords campaign
  • A landing page of Customized mobile optimization
  • Location for Ad extension
  • Proper review and Programmatic demonstration of the Ads with zone conversion and geo fencing.
  • Added Facebook Ad campaigning.


White Label PPC helps agencies with lack of knowledge, workforce, and time to run their businesses successfully. When the target customers of the clients are hanging around, white label PPC can help you serve them Ads and hence let them know about the client. In a long run client can make lot of customers and make a good amount of money through White label PPC. Thus, if this is what you are looking for, let a reputable white label SEO company help you out.