Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is increasingly becoming popular. More brands now prefer it over other forms of internet marketing. This is thanks to the higher success rates that are associated with it. According to a 2017 marketing research conducted by Hubspot,  68% of marketers reported success with inbound marketing whereas only 48% deemed outbound marketing. Furthermore the reported ROI stats were 41% for inbound marketing and only 16% for outbound marketing. The research was conducted among 6000 marketers.
Away from the statistics,  what really is inbound marketing? What does it entail and how is it carried out? Well,  in simple definition,  inbound marketing refers to the promotion of products and services through your own content. It is a form of marketing that aims to draw customers by engaging them via relevant and attractive content. Such contents are usually presented through platforms such as blogs,  newsletters,  webinars,  and social media.
Marketers have discovered a goldmine in inbound marketing. First of all,  inbound marketing spares you the agony of competing for customers’ attention with others. With this form of marketing,  customers come to you. It’s not you directly going to the place where they’re found. Secondly,  inbound marketing offers an invaluable opportunity to earn your visitors’ trust and convert them into lead.

How to carry out inbound marketing

With technology now readily at hand,  inbound marketing has never been easier. Millions of people can now access the internet regularly using smartphones and other devices. It is this bulk of internet users that you should be aiming to attract through inbound marketing.
You can and should succeed at inbound marketing. The key to success here is to have compelling and relevant content. Remember,  visitors can only become leads and customers once this too conditions are fulfilled. Without the information they’re looking for,  they flee to find what your competitors have to offer. Also without content that attracts them,  they’ll likewise turn to your competitors.
You really wouldn’t love to lose your potential customers to your competitors,  would you? Certainly not. Get on top of your competitors starting today. You can do this by creating informational and educational content. Contents which leave your visitors informed and empowered compels them to want to buy from you. Additionally,  your content should also be alluring so as to leave visitors confident about buying your product or service.
In regards to content marketing,  you can choose any of the aforementioned platforms. That is,  blogs,  social media,  webinars,  and website newsletters. Blogs are especially key for inbound marketing. They offer abundant space for content creation and customer engagement. Social media too as incredible marketing platform. It allows you to tap into an enormous market while also giving your brand a more human face.
Once you’ve settled on a platform,  the next step is to create the desired content. You can for example create text and picture articles or videos. Whatsoever content you create,  just make sure it’s relevant and attractive so as to enable you generate leads. Speaking of leads,  the key to creating leads is through visitor engagement. Engage those who visit your site. Let them ask questions and promptly answer these. Also let them fill forms with their info and so on. Interacting more closely is likely to convert them into leads and buyers.

How inbound marketing can help your business

Inbound marketing can help your business in so many ways. First of all,  it helps you consolidate and keep customers. With inbound marketing,  you’re bringing your own potential customers to yourself. You aren’t going out there to compete for customers whom other brands are also competing for.
Secondly,  inbound marketing helps you win potential customers’ trust. The key to any online selling is winning the trust of potential customers. This is what inbound marketing helps you do. When you provide visitors with informative and educational contents,  their belief in you and your products is likely to go higher. Consequently,  they’ll likely be willing to buy your product or service.
Additionally,  inbound marketing also helps your business with SEO. When more and more internet users visit your site to see the informational contents it offers,  search engines will automatically rank your site much higher than before. This is in turn beneficial to your business. It generates more leads and can enable you convert more sales. Inbound marketing can enable you do so much more.

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