Increase Website Traffic With Google Search Trends

Google has a significant hold on how businesses and individuals structure their online digital marketing strategies. One of the most useful tools from their platform is Google Trends, which helps provide analytical information to tailor your content and delivery of services to desired users. It is a very effective method that will assist in increasing your website traffic, customer base and online engagement.

What are the benefits of Google Trends and how can it help?

Here are a few ways:

• Personalizes searches to help you tailor your content around specific topics
• Indexes websites for listing in current blog posts, increasing your visibility
• Provides search statistics on specific terms
• Provides a snapshot on what is working for your competitors
• Helps identify consumer preference
• Shows keyword change trends
• Allows you to track topics for a specific time
• Shows you consumer demand trends
• Provides a geographic reach that may not be in your initial plan
• Gives you a good idea of what is popular in your local area

Being able to track and analyze data is key in making sure you are targeting and reaching the right customers. Using the trends in conjunction with your other online methods can make a huge difference in your website traffic and user engagement.

Social media, a responsive website and rich content all work together fueled by the information gathered through Google Trends to provide a reach that will have an impact on your website.  Specific content shared with a targeted audience brings specific readers and customers to your site for engagement.

You want to be viewed as an authority in your field, and knowing the keyword searches that have worked in the past and are currently working will give you an edge. Effective content will put your website on results pages quicker, allowing customers to find you locally and globally.

Take the time to learn and understand the platform to make a difference in how you assess your results and revamp your strategy for success. Knowing what consumers wants gives you an advantage in providing those needs.

Is the platform hard to understand? Not at all. The platform was recently updated to make it easier for users to understand and navigate. The new platform provides topics, making it easier to deliver the right content. Be smart in your online strategy moves to get the most ROI for your time. Once you understand market demands, developing products, services and content for your market should be a lot easier, and your processes will be more effective. For more information on increasing your website traffic and performance through the use of google search trends, contact HopInTop today!