Little Known Ways to Grow Your Business Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy with LinkedIn

LinkedinLinkedIn is quickly becoming a hit as far as growing, publishing, and sharing highly readable content is concerned. While many consider it as a social media platform where professionals connect, more startups are leveraging on its solid reputation to pitch their content across potential customers.

According to a recent research finding, LinkedIn houses a whopping 530 million users across 200 countries worldwide. With this expansive reach, you can give your brand an uplift by making your content visible to millions of users across the globe.

Come to think of it, you launch a successful Facebook campaign, you realize nominal results. You turn to Twitter, things remain almost the same. And when you decide to embrace LinkedIn, you forget that the same tactics you used in Facebook won’t yield results. Fortunately, this article is going to uncover LinkedIn staples or tips that will instantly take your market strategy to another level.

Take Advantage of Pulse Blog in LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile means a lot; it’s your business card, marketplace voice, and job-seeking tool. It helps you connect with people, build your professionalLinkedin Marketing Strategy credibility, and remain relevant in today’s competitive industry. If you operate numerous businesses, the Pulse blog can be an incredible resource. It will help boost your brand’s visibility and attract more sales.

Don’t Fear to Establish Your Brand’s Influence

Today, very few people follow branded content available on LinkedIn. Many consider it as a person-to-person platform. So, if you market your brand through content, it may end up being an afterthought. People are constantly seeking to build their personal identities and audiences. By acting as influencers, followers feel motivated to purchase and interact with your brand.

Investing In Advertising Is the Only Way

LinkedIn is quite an expensive platform, especially when used for advertising. However, you should also consider the results it delivers; better-qualified leads who’re searching for reliable business solutions. You should definitely leverage on this platform’s great benefits. Plus, it’s also an excellent content hub for professionals, which can significantly boost your content strategy.

Let Your Employees Share Their Thought Leadership

Linkedin LeadershipLinkedIn, one of the most effective professional social platforms is quickly shaping the way professionals interact. Thus, as an agency brand marketer, it’s advisable that you encourage your company’s employees to use LinkedIn. Individuals and brands alike can leverage on LinkedIn to stay on top of the game. Moreover, you can encourage individuals to create their own personal or career LinkedIn accounts. Even more, company employees should continuously contribute to brand messages in LinkedIn. With this approach, individuals get recognition while your brand gets promoted more effectively.

Let LinkedIn Help You Nail down Your Brand’s Targeted SEO Keywords

Did you know that LinkedIn, in this digital era, is considered as an extension to any SEO program? With LinkedIn, you have a perfect database where you can crawl as well as identify relevant brand keywords. What’s more, you can use this information to optimize your profile in addition to content. Plus, optimizing your brand’s LinkedIn profile is the surest way to maximize your findability—especially in this competitive business landscape. Consequently, you will have your strategic message reach the highly coveted as well as targeted customer base.

Let Content Build Your Relationships

Don’t let your business-to-business marketing responsibilities overwhelm you when you can leverage on the power of LinkedIn. As a powerful marketing social platform, you can stay in front of your prospects as well as clients.

You can use LinkedIn in a number of ways—including:

  • Establishing strong leadership as well as monitoring your network
  • Prospecting and influencing more clientele
  • Building new network relationships and creating new business opportunities

Consider Humanizing Your Brand

Do you know why LinkedIn is quickly becoming a big hit in the social media sphere? It’s because it focuses more on individuals and not brands or companies. Clients want to connect with real people and not brands that don’t have real faces. People need a human touch when it comes to marketing.

So, you can count on LinkedIn, a powerful platform that has been giving individuals voices in the social domain, to create a converting network that can take their brand’s visibility to the next level.

Don’t Forget to Remind Your Clients about Your Presence

Content is one of the best ways to get your message across. Thus, it’s prudent to create seductive content in LinkedIn—because it’s the only way to remind your clients that you still exist. Remember, it’s hard to stay in touch on an individual level if you have a large network. So, just create compelling content that sells to remind your clientele about your presence.

Direct Your Efforts to More Targeted B2B Based Audience

B2B Based AudienceConsidering other platforms that you can leverage on to reach your B2B audience, LinkedIn is relatively inexpensive. In fact, it rivals other platforms that cost hundreds of dollars more. Remember, LinkedIn possesses powerful targeting capabilities that can help you reach professional titles, geos, as well as an array of businesses in different industries. So, don’t just wait for things to happen. Make them happen. Post powerful, valuable, and actionable content that has the potential of engaging users.

The Power of Expanding Your Current Network

Of course, other platforms—such as Facebook, Instagram, as well as Snapchat—are powerful at keeping users/customers engaged as well as connected to your business brand. But LinkedIn can help you connect with people/individuals who are behind other big brands—allowing you to exchange entrepreneurial experience, give comments, and receive constructive opinions.

The Bottom-Line

Linkedin MarketingIf you haven’t made LinkedIn your top marketing strategy—you are not doing justice to your brand. Most brands are taking advantage of it and are reaping huge results. With LinkedIn, you can connect with your team members, other prospective employees, as well as professional clients. What’s more, this platform can help you share well-thought leadership content. You can use LinkedIn to generate leads, recruit team members, create brand awareness, and establish authority. So, if you haven’t started using LinkedIn, don’t freak. You can get started and achieve tremendous milestones. However, if you feel stuck on the way, don’t hesitate to outsource social media marketing services to a reputable company.