Marketing Automation Based Tools for Businesses

Marketing automation toolsMarketing automation tools help marketers generate more leads, optimize their marketing spend, nurture their pipeline, and build meaningful customer relationships. These apps allow growing business brands to utilize crucial customer details to boost sales, empower their messaging, enhance productivity, mitigate risk, and remain competitive in today’s tech-driven world.

Providing consistent value in the ever-changing market is what propels your business to heightened success. To avoid data bigotry, you need to stay relevant and competitive with your clients. Marketing automation apps can be an incredible resource for automating marketing and sales related tasks. Normally the sales team utilizes CRM app to create leads and monitor progress in the sales funnel. And the marketing activities needed to convert them into buyers have also been integrated into the process.

Marketing automation tools help the marketing team eliminate monotonous activities such as rule-based lead nurturing and focus on more important marketing tasks. Automation apps add value to crucial marketing activities like email marketing, ROI tracking, and campaign management.

marketing automation platformsTypically, marketing automation platforms incorporate reporting plus analytics features that deliver all the required data. With an automation app you’ll be able to:

  • Track email performance
  • Track-specific websites
  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Prove ROI
  • Monitor lead behaviors

When it comes to marketing, knowledge is extremely important. If you can determine the effectiveness of a marketing strategy, then you can settle for what works and forget about what doesn’t. Doing so will help you boost your company sales and grow your revenue. Utilize data to stay relevant, effective, and adaptable.

Determined to give your business an instant uplift? Here are top three automation tools you should seriously consider.


GetResponseGetResponse comprises of email marketing as well as online campaign management to allow small enterprises to drive their sales, optimize ROI and thrive in online marketing. It’s actually one of the most popular marketing app, offering state-of-the-art email automation features. Once it is set up, the workflow builder can send newsletters, coupons, social media links, as well as welcome emails. There’s also an ‘Email ROI’ feature that makes it easier for you to track email campaigns and a colorful in-built email template that simplifies things even further.

Plus, you can track your website’s visitors and uncover those who’re visiting regularly and their interaction behavior/preferences. GetResponse also provides customer service via live chat, email, and phone. Packed with all these great features, GetResponse can help you reach a wider customer base and develop meaningful relationships, which will translate into big sales.

Based on the number of features and size list, GetResponse offers different plans for marketers. The pro package, which is intended for small businesses costs $49 per month for list size 5000 and covers most of the needed marketing automation features.


mailchimp logoAs a marketer, you need to adopt campaign strategies that drive sales and prove a success. But how will you accomplish this without any data to analyze/measure?

Marketing automation provides you with a deep insight into the effectiveness of your strategy as well as marketing spend. As a digital marketing business, however, you need to find an affordable automation app like MailChimp. It comes with attractive email templates that are very easy to use and play a significant role in connecting with the leads. From welcome emails, back-in-stock alerts to coupons, this marketing automation tool have got so much to offer.

You can target emails at potential customers based on their behavior and personal preferences. Plus, MailChimp has a multi-user login feature, which is perfect for team collaboration.

The good news is that all MailChimp users can access these marketing automation features for free. This tool pre-fills personal data/information in the form fields via “automation pre-population” which implies that once a form is fully completed by a lead, more forms are pre-filled with that data in the future, helping in conversion optimization.

MailChimp has designed unique machine learning capabilities to constantly test open rate, timing as well as click rate to further improve conversion. Other than this, the app also allows you to access all these powerful features and work while on the move.


Marketo is a great automation tool for generating leads and building captivating landing pages. It’s a one-stop shop that’ll maximize your site’s performance by streamlining A/B testing of your landing pages. Plus, the content calendar feature allows you to easily manage content. You can purchase specific bundles such as mobile marketing, lead management, and email marketing.

Over the past few years, Marketo has introduced new mobile trends that make it possible for digital marketers to stay on top of the game. Users can access the app on a mobile, phablet, or tablet device. Remember, campaign assets developed using Marketo are often optimized for mobile gadgets by default. The lead score generated by this mobile app is based on various aspects, including marketability, customer interests, and demographics. And this helps Sales reps to identify potential prospects and provide targeted assistance.

Moreover, Marketo has created a product referred to as Spark targeted, which helps small businesses to launch and monitor any form of marketing campaign. With Spark, you can access numerous features including lead scoring & insights, social media/event marketing, lead nurturing, as well as inbound marketing.


HubspotHubspot is a cloud-based app that features a highly interactive user interface. Its dashboard clearly displays campaign analytic data, allowing for to the effective management of your marketing plan.  Even an untrained marketing team can easily manage this app once it’s set up. That’s why it is considered to be an attractive choice for small enterprises seeking a reliable solution for inbound marketing.

Hubspot has sophisticated marketing tools, CRM, email marketing, as well as automation combined into one which simplifies the transfer of contacts to marketing funnels leading to improved email communication and customer tracking.

This software’s pricing is dependent on the available features plus the number of users, nevertheless, some basic features are given free of charge.

Regardless of the marketing automation tool you choose, ensure that you leverage the most out of it. Plus, you can still get in touch with a dependable white label SEO company to help execute your marketing automation strategy.