PPC for Agencies: Succeed With These Winning Strategies

PPC MarketingPPC marketing is currently the most effective way for businesses to attract customers. However, it can be quite tricky for small enterprises to implement this marketing strategy. In most cases, first-time PPC marketers tend to underestimate the time and effort it takes to plan the right approach and the budget required to keep their business on top of the game.

Of course, small businesses may find PPC to be quite expensive and competitive, especially when competing with bigger firms with advanced digital marketing departments as well as huge budgets. However, being a little smarter can smarter can make a great difference.

Win your PPC with the following strategies:

The power of picking the right keywords

Online PPC (pay-per-click) marketing allows businesses to create adds. Every time you add crops up online and a customer clicks on it, they’re charged a small fee. Typically, PPC advertising is used in Google/Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. PPC helps draw new visitors to your products and services online. But this isn’t possible without the correct keywords. When it comes to this marketing approach, keyword selection is extremely important as it determines how much a business will spend on PPC advertising. Poor keyword choice might end up being costly, instead.

Most small businesses will trust their instincts when choosing a keyword that they believe are relevant. Bu this isn’t always the best way to go about it. With the help of an online tool like Google’s Keyword Planner, you’ll be able to find the best keyword list that’ll guide your research.

If you don’t spend enough time researching the finest keywords to bid on, you’ll find yourself spending too much money on competitive keywords. Yes, you may get clicks but zero conversions because you’re attracting the wrong people with irrelevant keywords. You won’t notice any changes since nobody searches for your brand using the selected keywords.

Pick keywords that fit your set budget, possess high search volume and are relevant to your product or service. Keywords that show intent to buy like ‘where to buy used cars’ can work like magic. In fact, that is the winning formula for PPC keywords. Try to find long-tail keywords because they’re less competitive, but still relevant to the brand you’re promoting.

Get Organized to Optimize

Google PPC CampaignThis may not sound so good to you, but proper housekeeping in any Google AdWords account is a top secret to success. Successful campaigns usually have one common feature- an organized structure. This, plus the following tips are what you need to skyrocket your marketing: create an effective search network, display, call-only, and remarketing campaign.

Your structure depends on the nature of campaigns. The fewer the campaigns, the better the management will be. Start small and expand only when there’s need to. If you were a chocolate shop, for instance, you could initiate a campaign for each kind of chocolate (milk, vegan, fair trade, dark, and white). You could also have another campaign for sale & non-sale items.

Come up with an Ad copy that sells and converts

Ad copies refer to the actual texts that you will create for your Bing, AdWords, or Facebook ads that’ll attract users to click on the ad. Google, a leading search engine, is looking to display high-quality ads, whose message resembles the actual search being made in the search engine. If you provide SEO service in London, for instance, and your keyword is “The best place to find reliable SEO services in London”, a perfect headline for your ad would be: Looking for affordable SEO services in London?

Budget, budget, budget! Invest your money to make more money

Most small enterprises set a PPC budget that’s too small to create any significant impact. While PPC generates about 2% click-through averagely, most of them actually perform better, especially with the aid of new technologies like machine learning.

Remember, it takes effort and determination to make money. Machine learning plays an important role in cutting down PPC costs. While it may prove difficult accessing machine learning services on your own, agencies that are servicing SMBs can help manage and optimize your website.

Be sure to find a dependable marketing agency to help manage PPC that supports machine learning optimization.

Capitalize on your landing pages

Pay per clickGive them the offers they will find it hard to refuse. Once you’ve drawn people’s attention to your creative ad, you want to ensure that they’re automatically directed to an attractive landing page that explicitly relates to the ad they just clicked on. Most small enterprises make the mistake of directing them to their site’s homepage, which isn’t an effective strategy to convert visitors. Rather, you should consider designing landing pages that clearly reflect the keywords on your PPC ad, display the product/service that your new customers were searching for, and have a persuasive call to action like “Buy Now”.

Besides, you should strive to offer something that no one can resist. Strong offers tempt visitors to click your ad. With a captivating offer, more and more people will be drawn to your ad, leading to increased conversions. To realize more conversions, try incorporating the following offers into your landing page.

  • For each service, provide a free trial period
  • Offer a discount
  • Provide free gifts with purchase
  • Provide a discount code alongside newsletter signup
  • Maintain your click machine

If you want to be a winner at PPC, you should continually refine your setup. Constantly managing and maintaining your PPC campaigns will deliver increasingly better results. Continue testing your strategies while also learning new tactics to beat your competitors and stay on top of the game.

Things to remember

Highlight the keywords that work for you and forget about the underperforming ones. Test your landing pages to check those that convert best and come up with an eye-catching Ad copy. Of course, you may not have the time and expertise to handle PPC campaigns, but with a reputable PPC white label reseller, you can never go wrong.