PPC Reseller Pricing

PPC Reseller PricingPay per click (PPC) services are the best source of revenue generation in the online market of today. If you are an agency or a business that is interested in providing PPC solutions to your client but lack the necessary resources like time which is crucial to such a service, hiring a white label PPC reseller program will reduce your workload, leaving you with time to tackle other important business. 

PPC campaigns are more than just time and effort.

PPC campaigns require more than just time and effort to be successful. PPC resellers come in handy because of their wide network of resources and marketing strategy. They hire specific experts to meet your specific demands and track goals to meet the requirements of their customers. Finding the right keywords, grouping them into suitable ads which will result in conversion, thereby generating valuable money. Such skills are often not available to individual or small companies. PPC resellers solve this by helping you to reach out to a wider demographic, instantly increasing online visibility and directing traffic to a fixed destination.

We at HopInTop, work with a team of certified Google AdWords specialists who are sensitive to the needs of your clients and target audience. One of the most important factors to consider while choosing a PPC reseller is their credibility. Since we are a white label company, all the content produced by our analysts is ready to be sent to the end client as it is.

Our proactive HR department researches the client base in order to provide a web solution that is tailor-made to fit our partners. It also re markets graphics and revisits potential leads who left short of conversion. PPC is used even by big companies to complement their online sales but mastering it can be tedious. Having been in the industry for over a decade, we have built for us a good network of friends and partners who help us to serve you better.

PPC Reseller Pricing 

PPC reseller pricing depends on the kind of services provided. A PPC reseller, sets its own price. From Google management packages, Youtube ads, Bing, Baidu, Landing Page designs and CRO, all form part of the solutions provided.

There are two ways in which PPC reseller pricing is decided- flat rate and bid-based. In a flat rate system, the price on each click is agreed upon between the client and the provider, who normally has a rate chart for ads placed in strategic positions of a website or first tier search engine, like Google, Bing, Yahoo. The rates once fixed are non-negotiable. In bid-based PPC, however, cost per click is not decided beforehand. It fluctuates on the principle of demand and supply. 

Unlike the flat rate model, factors like geographical location, day and time, etc., become crucial in ascertaining the price of per click. 

In all kinds of PPC reselling, product quality and placement play a significant role in increasing click-through rates and conversions. We as PPC resellers, believe in charging the fairest price from our clients. You could give us your entire client base to cater to or hand over the parts you find difficult to reign in. We can partner up to work peacefully in the background while you set up the face of your establishment. For more information, visit us at http://localhost/hopintop