PPC vs SEO For Roofing Contractors

For any business owner with a website, it is important to promote the website in order to bring in more traffic. The more traffic a website receives the better off it is going to be as more individuals are an increase in visitors generally bring about an increase in sales. In order to do this though, a website administrator needs to look into different methods for performing such a task. Two such options include PPC, short for pay per click, and seo, short for search engine optimization. Each of these services can be used together, while it really depends on how a website admin wants to spend their money and how they believe the best way to promote the website is going to affect their company requirements.

Benefits of PPC

Pay per click is a marketing and advertising method where someone clicks on an advertisement in order to reach the company’s website. The ad appears on the paid results of the search engines and different websites that are similar to what the company sells. For example, if the company sells camera cases, the ads appear on websites that sell cameras or discuss photography techniques. The website owner does not pay every time the advertisement loads onto the screen though. Instead, they only pay whenever someone clicks on the ad. This way, they do not have to pay for the individuals who ignore the ad or simply do not see it. By using this sort of marketing method it does help a company ensure all of their money is well spent.

Benefits of SEO

Search engine optimization is a process for updating the website and using different techniques in order to make it more attractive to search engines. It actually shares some similar features with PPC, including keywords. Keywords are used with PPC in order to connect the ads with websites and individuals who are more likely to be interested in the website’s content. However, seo is far more in depth. It uses a complete formula in order to determine what websites should appear towards the top of organic search results. It is difficult to know the exact formula as search engines such as Google and others are continually changing it. However, some specifics include the keywords, meta tagging, back links, image and video integration and the quality of the content just to name a few.

In order to generate the most attention to a particular website, a company can either use SEO to increase the chance of their website appearing high up in organic search results or pay for the advertisements in order to place their website at the top of the paid results. There is no right answer to this, as fewer individuals click on the advertised links than those that are rated highest by the search engine itself. The company really needs to first try out SEO, see if it helps improve their search standings, and then try PPC if they are not happy with the improving search results.