Steps To Search For Google Search Trends

Google does wish to see those who employ a legitimate, honest search engine optimization strategy succeed. In order to do so, the website publisher does have to perform research into determining what exactly works in the current SEO landscape. As a way of offering support to those looking for insight, Google has designed a tool called Google Trends. This tool can definitely help those wishing to learn about search trend behaviors that can positively impact a SEO campaign.

The steps to search for Google search trends are fairly easy once you understand the basics of how to use this tool.

1.  First, you do have to create an account on the Google network, but this will not take very much time. Once have your account, user name, and password, then you can take advantage of this very simple to use tool.

2.  On the first page of the tool, you will see a search box. You will type your main term in the box, click search and then a series of boxes will appear on the next page. The first box is where you place the primary search term. The other boxes allow you to add in extra key terms that can help narrow down your search. So, in the primary search box, you can type in auto body repair, and then in the other boxes you can type in a city and a model of car.

3. Once you have auto body repair + Mercedes + Atlanta typed into the appropriate boxes, you can then read reports that narrow down various stats associated with the actual search terms people are using to search through Google.

4. As far as the reviewing of the results, you have the ability to set certain parameters for the search. There are four parameters that are standardized for the search. These parameters are Web Search, Worldwide, 2004-Present, and All Categories.

5. Narrowing down the results of your search is going to be important in order to gain a more coherent and easy to follow understanding of what search terms are being employed the most. The more targeted the results from the Google Trends output, the easier it becomes to analyze the results.

Pro Tip

Performing a little cursory research can also be quite enlightening and helpful. Google Trends does offer a Hot Topics section and reviewing what is listed on here can give you good insight into what people are searching for at the current moment. Someone who is a little skilled with search engine optimization may be able to review these trending topics and determine the right way to tap into the traffic certain topics are generating.

Analyzing Your Own Website

Of course, you also have to perform your own analysis of your own blog or website’s traffic. You have to know whether or not your traffic is improving based on changes you have made after reviewing Google Trends and implementing new SEO tactics. Consistent changes likely have to be made to ensure the best results are always achievable.