The Future of Seo In 2015

With the rules of search engine optimization (SEO) constantly changing, websites and blogs need to always be ready to adapt on a whim. The best way to ensure the success of your website is by constantly staying ahead of algorithm changes by knowing what to expect. Though, it’s impossible to pin down the precise changes in the future of SEO, by looking at the trends of past Google algorithm changes, it can give insights into future adaptations.


1. Longer is better.

Over the years, Google has remained consistent in rewarding long, in-depth articles over short blurbs, excerpts, or fluff content. In an effort to continue to provide the most useful search results, Google will likely continue this trend. Aiming for average word counts of 750-1,500 words is ideal, as in-depth articles are shown to receive better rankings than shorter ones.


2. Make your content mobile-friendly.

It’s predicted that mobile web usage will begin exceeding desktop usage by the end of 2014. As such, making your website aesthetically appealing and easily readable on a mobile device will be integral to keeping your web traffic high.


3. Bing and Yahoo will still exist.

While most people focus specifically on how their websites rank with Google, it appears neither Bing nor Yahoo will be out of the game just yet. While Google will still be where the majority of your website views come from, it’s still important to stay in good graces with Yahoo and Bing and to index your website with both of those search engines.


4. Spam will continue to be published.

Google algorithms identify spam in a variety of ways, and it’s essential to the success of your site to stay as far removed from spam content as possible. Keyword stuffing, fluff content, repeat content, unoriginal content, and excessive use of internal or external links are all ways to get pegged as spam by Google. Always write in-depth, educational, original content and only post it to once site. Use links and keywords sparingly or as necessary.


5. Blackhatting will be continue to be punished.

For those unfamiliar, blackhatting is the implementation of unethical techniques used to drive traffic to your site. Whether intentionally or not, many website owners may end up engaging in blackhat techniques at some point, which may end up in Google harshly penalizing your website. Stay away from link trading, purchasing site traffic, or other unauthentic ways of obtaining site views.


6. Apps will be indexed.

With apps growing in popularity, Google intends to begin indexing them, allowing websites to integrate various apps into their content, which will help them to improve their SEO potential.


7. Voice command searches will increase.

More and more searches are beginning to be done on voice command, which will continue to grow in popularity well into the new year. Voice command searches may lead to different phrasing of searches, leading website owners to research the newest and most popular keywords within their niche.

Hiring the best seo company will be crucial for every business in 2015.