The Secret To Blogging For Business Marketing 101

Choosing the correct titles for your blog all starts with keyword research and then some tweaking. Many tools come to mind such as google adwords keyword planner, soovie, and many more. However, there is only one tool that you will really need. That tool is google.


google settingsGo to your google settings by clicking the gear icon at the top right corner and click search settings. In the google instant predictions click on never show instant results and click save. This will give you more options during this process.

Don’t Click Enter

googleReturn to google search and type in one or two main keywords about your topic such as the word blogging, but do not click enter. You will see that many results come up in a drop down fashion from the search bar.

Free Google Presents!

blogging for business 101In this example I typed in “blogging” and then saw “blogging for” and typed in “for” after the word “blogging” to dive deeper into what searchers are looking for. After performing this action I now see more results and I am getting closer to the words that must be in my title in order to rank.

Going deeper into this I chose to continue my keyword research with “blogging for business”, as this was one of the results. Within these results I see “blogging for business 101”. Now I have chosen to write about this topic. You can continue to dive deeper and get more specific. The more specific you get the easier the keywords are to rank for.

Free Google Traffic

Now that you have your topic you can now start writing about it. When done, you can tweak the keywords by making a title such as “the secret to blogging for business marketing 101”. If your website is powerful enough after you publish your new blog post, the blog post will rank on page one of the search results for this keyword within 1-5 days.

If it does not rank on the first page within this time period, your website is either not powerful enough or the keyword is to competitive. Competition is overcome by adding power, which we internet marketers call “authority”to your website. The more authority, page rank, domain authority a website has the more pages and posts will rank higher in the search engines. If you feel the keyword is to competitive than try another keyword or picking a longer topic to write about from the google results using the actions mentioned previously in this article. If you want to rank for more competitive keywords then dive into seo to learn how to do that.