Web Design

The design of your website is the face you show to your online audience. Our Local Philadelphia web design company creates the first impression before your visitors even begin reading the text. Whether you are designing yourself or hiring a professional to do it, make sure that it is designed well. Here are a few attributes of a good web design:

Keep it Simple

It is important to keep the landing page simple and easy to load. If the landing page takes forever to load due to heavy graphics or animation, visitors often leave and choose other websites. The purpose of the landing page or home page of a website is to build the confidence of the visitor that they will find what they are looking for on this website. This does not necessary mean putting everything out there on the landing page itself. Let them get comfortable and then slowly guide them to the page they want. Be sure to include social media.

Look and Feel

Look and feel of the website is also very important because the initial decision of the visitor to stay on and explore the website depends on it. The colors used should be soothing and the text should be clearly readable without straining the eyes. The text size should be neither too big not too small. There must also be enough white space on the page so that the site does not look cluttered. It is also a good practice to label the images using alternate text.

Intuitive Navigation

This is one of the most important attribute of any website design. If the user expects a button on the right, do not place it on the left, unless you have a strong reason to do so. If you want the visitor to spend some time on the website and visit several pages, make it easy to navigate. The labels should be clear and easy to understand. The design of every page on the website should be consistent so that the visitor feels comfortable. If the website is huge, make sure the visitor is aware of the hierarchy and has access to the site map from every page.

SEO Friendliness

If a little care is taken while designing the website, a lot of SEO effort later can be reduced. All the folders and subfolders can be named based on the keywords. Header tags or headings should be used both for the ease of readability as well as for better indexing by search engines. Alt tags and meta-data should also be written keeping the keywords in mind.
These are some basic tips that can be applied to get a great website design. There is no limit to creativity but some guidelines are created to make the process of web design simple and the website easy to use for visitors