SEM Automotive

With an estimated 3.5 billion searches being processed throughout just one day, and that is just counting Google that is responsible for an estimated 80 % of engine searches globally, and we take Yahoo, Ask, Bing etc. into account, it is undoubtedly clear that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was a necessity.
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) once regarded as a form of marketing with the included SEO and advertisement acquisition, today SEM Automotive represents the best solution for the ultimate exposure via systems like pay-per-click, paid search advertisement and payed searches.This strategy enables sharing and capturing of your shared search queries, thus leading to more sales in the car shopping market.
Using Google Adwords can be greatly beneficial, and it can enable to represent and sell your brand in a best possible way, by taking advantage of the most widespread search engine there is. But you can only use the search engine advertisement as good as you can attract the desired customers, that fit your specific audience.
You can encourage that appeal by constructing an ad copy, that responds to your desired customer’s demands.

For example:

  • positive evaluation of easy trades-diverse selection of second hand car models to choose from-research of the already popular ads with large amount of searches
  • use ad extension to distinguish specific aspects and provide detailed information for your advertisement When using the ad extensions, there is a possibility of attracting the undesired audience that is not interested in your offer, but when you create the ad copy strategically you can increase the number of clicks significantly.
    You can make your advertisement more sufficient and adequate, by eliminating the possibility of luring the uninterested buyers, and by choosing the right and compelling keywords. Some studies suggest that having the awareness for both the right and wrong keywords is equally as important. By avoiding the wrong keywords for your ad, you are more likely to attract the desired buyers, thus making the clicks you do get worth paying for.

Since you pay a certain amount of money depending on how much clicks you have, there is something you should keep in mind:
If for example you offer second hand cars that are in the lower-end category, you need to be selective and careful when choosing the keywords, because you do not want to attract the buyers that shop with a more disposable income, than someone who works a less profitable job or has secondary expenses like college students. So, you should avoid the terms and phrases that can be misleading, and focus on specific information for your target audience.
While the advertisement grabs the attention of the customer, the landing page is the one that will either invoke more interest in the car offers, or cause complete disregard towards your offer. This means that your SEM Automotive establishment should highlight any special price offers for certain vehicles or show the interest rate statistics accordingly. Interactive platform for estimation of the trading value of the car can be very useful. Clever and impactful home page design can make all the difference.
You can use tracking to see how well your ad is performing, by checking click rates, impressions and contact forms producing leads for the complete monitoring.
When used appropriately it can be the ultimate advertising tool, that represents your SEM Automotivecampaign in a supreme way, thus providing more interest and widening of appeal for your target audience.