The current era is what I would call it the information era. Almost every aspect of our lives has shifted to the internet. This is why digital marketing is growing. Digital marketing has never been this common, ever before. While reading that news online, doing that research or checking your favorite social media page, you land on several adverts along the way. This is how common digital marketing has become. It has been made possible due to the increasing number of people using the internet. In fact, a study done by the Pew Research Organization found out that a quarter of
Americans report being online almost every time. This is a 5% increase in online presence in the last three years.
Marketing is basically the act of trying to reach out to the right audience for your products and services. Digital marketing is one such effort. In simple words, digital marketing is an act of using the internet to market your products. Whether on social media, through a series of a blog post or even using emails, you are embracing digital marketing. And the most common is the use of search engine optimization. This is commonly known as SEO.
The idea of having in-house SEO teams might be gnawing to you. It might be time-consuming yet you have more aspects to attend to in your company. As well, this is expensive. But then, everything can still
work well for you. There is what we refer to as SEO reseller plans or the While label companies. From them, you can have an equally working yet affordable SEO alternatives. Here, the client buys the reseller SEOs from companies specializing in them. The whole idea is having your Web Design firm or your marketing firm covered.
In Hop In Top, for example, we offer SEO reseller plans. A simple way to hop on top of your competition. Literally. We provide you with the solution you need with optimizing your products on search engines. The SEO reseller plans offer the chance to have your company name and
the logo branded. With these SEO Reseller Plans, there is satisfaction between the two in business; those buying it and the one selling the plans. When working with the SEO reseller plans, apart from you getting a consistent revenue out of it, you stand a chance to penetrate the market and ensure a wide coverage. With this wide coverage, it is possible to enjoy the consistent demand among the clients you have won. Another important aspect to note with the SEO reseller plans is the fact that clients outsourcing the SEO from you will never know that you also get the service from other companies.
The way to go, with this business, is thus to be keen when choosing the service provider. You need to do business with only those providers that meet the changing needs of your clients. This is the ground rule. You need to do your homework on seo reseller plans first before getting on the bandwagon. Once you are in the business, it is important to invest in improving your skills. This is possible through specializing only in a specific brand of projects.
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