Social media marketing is an essential part of modern business. Getting your brand out there, making it visible and interacting with your clients and customers have all been made a million times easier with social media marketing. So, what is white label social media marketing?
In simple terms, it’s a form of off the shelf marketing which can be applied to many different types of business. Anything from managed posts to client interaction can be used via a white label social media program. But this off the shelf style social media engagement isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds.
Firstly you need to find a product that is proven, that works in the field. Often those selling white label social media marketing are using a technique that is proven to have worked in a particular field. These are some of the most popular white label social media marketing tools:

Good Content

Content is still key, although many would have you believe it isn’t as important as it was. The truth is people still search for content to answer questions and educate themselves. To this end, having good content is still just as important to a solid social media strategy. Plagiarizing isn’t good, but you can use off the shelf info and use this to your advantage. Rewriting, restructuring and offering content or a product that your customers are looking for.


Mobile is becoming more and more important, with the majority of online traffic now going mobile. Using an app to reach your customers is a great way for them to interact with your business and for you to offer them a personalized service. Good apps are available off the shelf, although if you have a more complex demand then you could spend thousands developing your own one.

Social Media Management

Of course there isn’t a one size fits all style of social media management, but there are techniques that are proven to work. Regular posts, the usage of images and hashtags, professional interaction and the use of a consistent brand image will all help your social media engagement and brand awareness. Managed social media is a form of white label social media product, as it is something that can be re-branded and applied to many different companies and products.

Pay Per Click & Paid Advertising

Once again, there isn’t necessarily a one size fits all approach for pay per click, but there are things that definitely work. If a campaign previously generated a sales boost of x3 (or whatever amount) then why not apply that to a similar business model?

Is White Label Social Media Marketing Right For You?

Designing your social media and advertising campaign from the ground up is costly and time-consuming. But, if you can take something that has already worked and apply it to your own business then why wouldn’t you?
White label social media marketing is a great way to make sure you’re using a proven product. You can be up and run in a fraction of the time it takes you to research a new campaign, plus, it’s a lot more cost effective in time and effort.